Eco Swimwear Brands That Fit Like A Glove!

By Charlotte Carson

clearlife beautyDid you know conventional swimwear materials are made from virgin nylon and polyester, better known as plastic. And we all know plastic is not biodegrade and requires us to keep drilling for petroleum to keep us in those suits. No time like the now to get ourselves into a eco swimwear.

And it’s not news anymore that a quarter of the fish tested in California they find plastic in their bodies? It’s true–what goes around comes around.

Although, many of the following eco swimwear brands still use nylon and polyester, these plastic fibres are recycled from trashed fishnets and plastic bottles, therefore not increasing demand for new plastic and give new life to what otherwise would be trash.

We’ve discovered some gorgeous brands who have an eye on Eco swimwear that are just plain fabulous! Check out our line up!

Alyned Together


  • Eco-friendly fabrics
  • sustainable supply chain
  • body positive (men’s & women’s)
  • give back

Alyned Together ‘s eco-responsible swimwear has inclusive body type suits that range in sizes from XS to 3X. They are upcycling with 80-90% recycled polyester, and they are one of the first swimwear brands to be size inclusive and sustainable.


Jessica Rey Swimwear


  • made in USA
  • uses recycled materials

This brand, located in North America, is dedicated to ethical production and sourcing practices that respects the dignity of all people, both those who wear the swimsuits and the makers, along with the planet.



  • recycled textiles
  • suits are shipped in reusable bags
  • veteran-owned

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Fauna takes into account people, production and the planet. Many of the brands the online shop sells, have values aimed at decreasing waste, protecting the environment, producing of high-quality products that last, and fair labor practices. Many of the suits are made of biodegradable polyamide, which biodegrades within four years of being disposed in a landfill.



  • biodegradable properties
  • size-inclusive
  • reduction in fuel/carbon emissions (during shipping)
  • produced with recycled water
  • production waste is donated to local artisans, then reused for textiles
  • certified with biodegradable properties
  • packaging is 100% recyclable , and most products contain 70%- 100% recycled materials.
  • minimal packaging is used where possible

BOLD Swim uses luxury biodegradable fabric sourced from Brazil. They also are size-inclusive, with full ranges of colors and in sizes up to XXX.



  • uses sustainable, recycled materials
  • made in USA

Galamaar,  based in LA, uses fabrics that are waste-to-wear, meaning that they use recycled fabrics from nylon fishing nets removed from global oceans. Can we say gorgeous as well!

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Vitamin A


  • Made in USA,
  • recycled nylon
  • water conservation efforts

The brand uses  EcoLux™, a superfine matte jersey swim fabric produced locally in California, that is made using recycled nylon fibre to conserve resources and LYCRA XTRA LIFE® fibre, that extends the life of the product beyond the length of traditional suits. Most of their prints are made with waterless digital technology at factories using innovative approaches to conserving electricity and water.