We take CLEARlife customer care seriously

Delivery: Once you place an order online you can expect to receive your order within 7-10 days. If you are in Ontario, Canada orders arrive in 3-5 days. 

Returns: If your products don’t arrive or are damaged, or you are unhappy email us at shop@clearlifeinc.com and we will promptly resolve with you and get you a new order out to replace your order.

CLEARlife’s key mandate is to bring authentic products to our consumers.

We want to work with honesty and never “green-wash” our products. We believe that by making these products accessible online along with offering education, it will be easier for people to embrace the CLEAR Living Lifestyle.

We care about our carbon footprint, which is why we choose to provide our products and services digitally. We want to connect like-minded people in one place where they can learn and share stories that will motivate positive change in our global society. We are working towards making the world a cleaner and healthier place to live in, one person at a time.

We want to support our supporters and give them the best customer care experience they can have. We will always be open and honest about every step of our process and we hope our customers always feel comfortable.

If for any reason you are unhappy with a purchase or recommendation made through the website, please contact us at shop@clearlifeinc.com and we will help.

clearlife customer care