Some Hotels & Resorts Are Paying Attention & Boosting Their Sustainable Travel Factor!

Here's where you can make your travel environmentally a good choice.

By Charlotte Carson

photo, Hi Hotel, Nice, France

No one wants to feel guilty on vacation, but the impact travel has on the environment are momentous. Sustainable travel is more available than you think.

According to a study published in 2018 by the University of Sydney global tourism accounts for 8 percent of total carbon emissions . That’s 3 times higher than prior data.

The heavy usage of airplanes, cruise ships, trains and buses give off an immense percent of carbon and additional toxic substances, according to the Center for Responsible Travel, a non-profit organization who supports sustainable travel.

The Environmental Protection Agency, touts that aircrafts are responsible for 12 percent of all U.S. greenhouse gases spawned from transportation. Vehicle emissions account for a higher percentage.

If where you’re heading is accessible by train, consider taking one.

Here are a few sustainable travel places to green light. No pun intended.

Hix Island House, Isla de Vieques, Puerto Rico

A tropical Caribbean oasis, the Hix Island house offers guests an elegant, rustic island

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escape. With a focus on nature, the Hix Island House runs on batteries charged by solar power. It also recycles rainwater, was designed to catch cooling winds and returns grey water to the environment.

The hotel design centres on harmony with nature and with the vibe that less is more. The Hix is constructed to withstand the natural elements, structured to be hurricane, earthquake and fire proof.



The Hi Hotel in Nice, France

This lovely boutique hotel has a stunning private beach and rooftop pool. But the alluring part is the Hi Hotel Eco Spa & Beach received Green Globe certification for its use of organic food, recycled paper, eco-friendly cleaning products and organic paint. Situated in Nice, France, the hotel departs from typical luxury, with a focus on contemporary living and revisioning ordinary space and structures.

Garonga Safari Camp, Phalaborwa, Africa

Garonga is a breathtaking exclusive 12 bed camp in South Africa. With an approach to mindful living, the resort supports the local community through economic empowerment. Locals are offered employment opportunities, with potential for career development, and food and goods are sourced local. As a bonus, guests are invited to offset their carbon footprint with a program to assist with the planting and growing of Spesbok Trees in the Eastern Cape.

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Run in partnership with the Steenberg Hotel in Cape Town, the safari camp is designed to blend in with the natural surrounding. The camp will give you a unique experience with magnificent views.

 Thala Beach Lodge, Port Douglas, Australia, Port Douglas, Australia

This splendid art-deco resort was awarded with the Eco certified – Advanced Tourism, one of the top eco-tourism accreditations. Positioned on a private headland between Cairns and Port Douglas, the resort is vigorously involved in work to assist the environmental rehabilitation process. Thala invites elders of the Kuku Talanji community to take guests through a journey of their culture; from healing plants to foraging for bush food.

 Six Senses Con Dao, Con Dao, Vietnam

Six Senses Con Dao, a five-star resort located in the archipelago islands, is recognized as one of the world’s top eco lodges by National Geographic Traveler. Produced using sustainable building materials, the architecture of the resort is crafted to maximize air flow to reduce the need for air conditioning.

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The resort and staff are committed to social responsibility both through education and reducing the carbon footprint.

Repurposing Waste & Food Preservation

With roughly a third of the world’s food getting either lost or wasted, more hotels and resorts have begun efforts to curb squandering on their properties.

With a third of the food in the world going to waste, The Spectator Hotel in Charleston, S.C., implemented a food waste program where half-eaten food items such as fruit are put into a digester that turns them into reusable water. The hotel has diverted over 11,234.5 pounds of food waste from landfill while creating 944 gallons of water in less than one year.

The Inn at Dos Brisas in Washington, Tx., won and industry award for sustainability initiatives, due to practices including composting waste products from the inn’s equestrian complex on a substantial scale and restoring the past depleted land. Once mixed with tree branches, this becomes an organic fertilizer sold at farmers’ markets.

Conceiving Eco-Minded Communities

With the goal of building a community for eco-conscious travelers, Two Arlo hotels in New York City offer free monthly talks about sustainability, including various industries.

The Palms Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach holds three-hour-long beach cleanups every three months. Guests can register on their site.

Travel has never felt so comforting, inspiring and healthy.

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