Tips On Hydration – When And How To Drink Water!

Tips On Hydration - When And How To Drink Water!

We’ve all heard how much water we need to drink. But what is surprising, regardless of your gender, age and weight, this figure is usually the same. For example, often the phrase “superb health requires 8 glasses of water per day.” Just a second. That is, 8 glasses for an eight-year-old girl gymnast and for a stocky man of forty-three? Here a number of questions are formed.

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Does everyone need to drink the same amount of water?

Of course not. The amount of any product that you consume, whether it is water, fruit or protein, depends on your individual characteristics, on your body type, the frequency and intensity of sports, lifestyle and daily routine, in the end. Therefore, do not try on the “you definitely need …” form for yourself. And this applies to water like everything else.


Do I need to drink water before/instead of eating? Can I drink while eating?

A very common phrase among a society losing weight: “no food and more water.” This is definitely not worth doing, although our centers of hunger and thirst are closer than you think. Why? Because the body is not a fool, if it asks for food – this is clearly not about water. Yes, there are situations when a person confuses thirst and hunger, but this can easily be traced. If you have eaten, but want something else – perhaps it’s thirst. Or after a long walk, do you really wanted to eat – it is also possibly the need for water. Typically, thirst can be traced to the desire for “something juicy or sweet.”

And yes, you can drink while eating, before, after, and without food. Water does not dilute gastric juice and does not interfere with digestion – it simply drains along one edge of the stomach when the food lingers in a completely different half. So you can drink oatmeal with tea in the morning, because of this, the food does not “swell”.

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How much do you need to drink?

A good goal is approximately 6-8 glasses of water a day, but depending on your age, size and how you feel physically all factor in. You can make rituals – drink water immediately after waking up, for example. Do not forget if you are physically active – this increases the amount of fluid required, as does the hot season. There are certain diseases in which the amount of fluid consumed is strictly taken into account, for example, diseases of the cardiovascular system, kidneys. Therefore, do not apply formulas to yourself, observe yourself and try to drink a little more.

What water tips are right for everyone?

Pay attention to the quality of water, for this it’s just worth taking water from good sources, changing filters on time, and not drinking tap water.  And yes, if you want to drink more, replace sugary drinks in your diet with plain water, or with a squeeze of lemon.

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