Svart – Norway’s Newest Eco Friendly Hotel

Svart - The First Eco Friendly Hotel

What makes the Svart Hotel, Norway’s newest Eco friendly hotel, unique?

“Building an energy-positive and low-impact hotel is an essential factor to create a sustainable tourist destination respecting the unique features of the plot: the rare plant species, the clean waters and the blue ice of the Svartisen glacier,” said Kjetil Trædal Thorsen, founding  Norwegian architect of Snøhetta.

A building constructed within the coastal shores in water, located in Norway, Helgeland and 800 miles away from the Capitol (above the Arctic Circle).

As a modern and futuristic hotel, their goal is to consume less energy by using solar energy, boat shuttles.  Svart Hotel: world’s newest energy-positive hotel is opening in Arctic Norway in 2022. From the very beginning, the goal with Svart was to develop new technology and the company is already noticing the effects more than two years before the hotel is scheduled to open. “We’re experiencing an incredible interest in the project. We actually have companies offering to deliver technical solutions for free, just to be part of it”, Jan Gunnar Mathisen, CEO and founder of MIRIS, said.

This Eco-friendly hotel, is immersed in nature and fully surrounded by a luxurious experience. Their passions, towards sustainability, green farming, and advanced technology all take part in this movement to change peoples lifestyles.

Transportation is open to a variety of tourists as planes, boats and trains can be used to enter.

With a 360 degree view of nature, surrounded by mountains, this hotel is near many islands and cities. Furthermore, their desire to help the environment as well as other’s well-being is well thought of.

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The Svart hotel has ensured sustainable and eco-friendly practices by composing a foundation with Green Finance Framework. This assists with the establishment and reaches their eco-friendly goals. Svart also spreads awareness by wanting to educate and provide customers with a healthier experience while traveling, whilst also collaborating with MIRIS to pay for financial costs. They also have taken the GBP which was formed by the Capital Market Association. In addition, this hotel has opportunities to practice a healthier lifestyle for yourself.

Impact On The Environment

This hotel has reduced its energy consumption by 85%, as their solar energy is implemented throughout the hotel on the roofs.  As they’ve collaborated with many companies (Snøhetta, Entra, Skanska, the ZERO Emission Resource Organization, and Asplan Viak), their goal is to generate renewable energy in the course of 60 years. Svart claims to only use 15% of energy use which is one the most sustainable acts to implement

In addition, MIRIS is planning to test new technologies and create a sustainable lab to implement new projects. MIRIS has come up with other projects as well to implement their eco-friendly visions. Svart has impacted the environment by also creating their own food production. A concept of micro-greens and green farming has been implemented as food is grown near the lands of the hotel. One other goal they have is to preserve wildlife and provide healthier activities, as Svart is built right in the center of the arctic circle, surrounded by sustainable choices

This hotel motivates customers to be active inside, outside and to take care of themselves while traveling, as that can be chaotic for many.

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Construction & Design Process

Inspired by a “fiskehjell”, which is a wooden structure for drying fish and a seasonal house for fishermen, this hotel has a unique circular shape, which provides natural views. Additionally, the planning and designing of the building were to ensure that energy is harvested and to ensure the US energy is being exposed across the hotel, which is why many calculations and mapping have been conducted by the architect.

Everything has been planned digitally in order to properly view and experience the features of building this hotel. Viewing, creating, as well as  inspecting designs has been virtually, especially throughout the pandemic which has changed the construction process to be more sustainable as well.

The materials are all local, which use minimal transportation. Svart will have about 100 bedrooms and be right in the center of nature surrounded by them.

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“Our aim was to create a truly immersive and purpose driven experience for guests, enabling them to become more in tune with themselves as they take in the natural wonders of Norway’s incredible Svartisen.” according to Ivaylo Lefterov the hotel’s Development Director.

  • Throughout the summertime, there is a crystal lake and many mountains to explore
  • Eco-friendly hotel activities include biking, mountain climbing, fishing, swimming, sailing, kayakinn e.t.c
  • During the winter some activities nearby include climbing the Saverian glacier, seeing northern lights, skiing, ice water swimming, or staying inside to enjoy the eco-friendly and modern experience at Svart
  • A staircase with over 1000 steps, 300 altitude meters, on to a mountain with a cabin and dining area as another adventure.
  • There are also many campsites, islands and cottages across the islands

Restaurants & Nearby Restaurants

There is a restaurant located above a mountain where the ffyanktrappa staircase is located. The mountain consists of a small cabin as well as a restaurant with a variety of dishes and drinks, with  historical artifacts.

Another cafe located at Svartisen in Meloy, which is about 30 mins from the dock, called Brestua offers a nature experience with fresh cooked meals. They also have boat rides and is a common place to stop at before hiking the glacier or taking part in other outdoor activities.

Entertainment & Other Amenities

Svart will have an indoor and outdoor spa that provides therapy, cryotherapy and other treatments based in Norway. Not only are these spa treatments great for relaxation and physical well-being, but they also are a better start to a healthier lifestyle.

The Spa also consists of different zones, and technological simulations, as well as herbal treatments and professional health services to practice personal well being. hey provide all types of skin- care and conditioning as well as resources to ensure you are taking care of yourself mentally, physically, as well as spiritually to some extent.

  • An education center
  • A design laboratory
  • Yoga classes
  • Wild-life sightseeing/spotting
  • Electric ferry’s
  • See the northern lights
  • Fitness Gym
  • Bath Facilities/Steam room
  • Sound healing Studio
  • Sign up for wellness plans in the hotel and coaching provided to make better life- style choices.

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