Kamalaya Wellness Retreat

A Place of Serenity, Calm & Healing in the Jungles of Thailand

By Charlotte Carson

Located in Thailand on a beautiful body of water, from every corner of Kamalaya, you can view the ocean and hear the soft sound of water running, see Thai spirit houses, and experience the breathtaking glimpses of the tropical gardens. The Asian- inspired buildings, designed by Australian architect and artist Robert Powell, feel almost as though they are sinking into lush greenery, vivid flowers and even ancient granite boulders (around which they have been carefully constructed). The environment is a key part of the experience.

Kamalaya wellness programs offer solutions for detox, stress, burnout, optimal fitness,
weight control, sleep enhancement, emotional balance and yoga.

Increasingly attracting guests who are seeking life changing programs and small group retreats, designed specifically for those going through times of transition and looking to explore how they can transform emotional and psychological habits to enhance skills to use one’s mind as an ally, as opposed to an opponent.

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Even outside these programs, the effect of taking guests out of their hectic lives into a jungle oasis, removing the distractions of the digital world (devices are discouraged in common areas, and wi-fi is not freely available), and calming the nervous system through healthy food and juices and an abundance of treatments (two a day is typical of the Kamalaya programs), is inevitably an instructive reflection on life.

The days are filled with yoga,  in an open-air studio with spectacular ocean views – meditation, qi gong (a holistic breathing and movement technique), time in the pool or steam caverns, workshops, fitness sessions and treatments of every kind to decrease stress.

If you are seeking a personalized wellness experience, they have a team of international naturopaths to create your own health program geared to holistic healing. Guests can choose to eat from either a detox or regular menu, but both exclude dairy, sugar, salt, fat and additives, instead focusing on fresh, organic food.

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