How To Develop Inner Motivation – Mindful Living Starts Inside!

how to develop inner motivation

Learning how to develop inner motivation is simply like training yourself for anything – learning the steps, practicing them ongoing, and dusting off when you fall down.

Throughout life, we encounter a large number of obligations every day, and begin to perceive them quite naturally. Of course, as a child, parents told us: “Do you want to be successful? You need to study for one five! ”,“ Do you want to work as a janitor? ” You have to get a decent education! ” and so on.

At the same time, few parents seriously take what their children want. As a result of such education, people who are not very confident grow up. And most often they do not have the opportunity to really want something, to bring this matter to the end and to feel successful. Is it any wonder that psychologists often turn to people with a lack of willpower and internal forces for a full, fulfilling life and a lack of understanding of where these forces are generally taken.

learn how to develop inner motivation to live well

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Our will, as the ability, on the way to the goal, to cut off values ​​of a lower order and focus on the values ​​of a higher order, is supported by various internal mechanisms, one of the most important of which is motivation.

That is, without an internal motivating core that supports us in the most difficult trials, we will be forced to look for external stimuli to achieve the goal, and in some specific situation they may simply not be! As a result, dissatisfaction with oneself, negative experience in achieving the goal and lack of desire to move on.

How to develop intrinsic motivation

Let’s start with the realization that there are two types of motivation – external and internal. A simple example: spend your free time on your favorite hobby and hug a person from a rush of feelings – intrinsic motivation. Buy advertised useless goods, laugh tightly at the boss’s jokes – external.

The difference is obvious: internal motives are readily accepted by the body, because they are clear, pleasant and useful to them. External stimuli come from everywhere – the closest associates, the media, the mentality – all this can impose on us a bunch of “must”, “should” and “I want”, which may have little to do with our inner truth. This type of motivation can collapse at any critical moment, because it does not have a solid foundation in the individual’s value system, because he came from the outside, and was not born inside.

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Therefore, an important condition on the way to any important changes in the organization of mental and physiological processes will be the presence of strong intrinsic motivation! In turn, the latter is positive and negative. Positive takes into account the previous positive experience in similar situations and focuses on the positive side of the event, and the negative relies on negative consequences and often fear of failure.

Here are two opposite examples:

“I choose a healthy lifestyle because I see changes for the better in the lives of my friends and other people who adhere to the same concept, and I feel that I am also pleased with these changes that occur to me when I play sports / take time to sleep / correctly I am eating. And I understand that for profound and thorough changes inside me, time must pass and imagine how many difficulties await me, but I know why this is for me, therefore I do not suffer, but with joy and interest I meet everything new, unusual and difficult this way. ”

“I choose a healthy lifestyle, because many of my successful friends choose it. I do not feel much need for this, but they say that if you have hamburgers, you will be fat. Well, sports – going to the gym a couple of times a week will not kill anyone, but I’ll pump up my ass, I’ll be beautiful and stop uploading only selfies, because the rest will not be embarrassing either! Moreover, nothing will happen to me from an extra burger with Coke once a month, well, we don’t sing the next day! ”

Feel the difference? In the first case, a person bases his conclusions on a consciously made decision, in the second – on situationally picked up information that is still unconscious. No need to think long about which one will be more successful.

how to develop motivation for a healthy lifestyle

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How to achieve the formation of deep conscious internal motivation on basic life issues

The most important thing is to develop! The more you read, discover, and learn by trial and error, the more your criticisms are criticized by your personal, completely unique experience!

No advertisement will make you a healthy person, if you really don’t want it. Everything happens to us at the right time – when we are ready to make certain situations and decisions. Therefore, for many, participation in our project becomes a special chance to turn their perceptions and take the first step towards meeting their dream by learning how to develop inner motivation.

Steps to the development of inner motivation:

  • To see any new experience, even frightening at first, not as scary, but as interesting. It’s never for anyone that getting out of your comfort zone is ever easy! This is truly a development path. You need to move towards fear, because on the other side – everything is already known.
  • Develop a positive perception. There is such an exercise: “Good.” Whatever happens, learn to see something good in it. We also advise you to write on the sheet “100 ways to make yourself happy without food.” So you can always concentrate on the positive aspects, but not look for joy in food.
  • To do non-standard actions and find bliss in from them! To put on strange clothes, go the other way to work, get on any bus and go it is not known where and every day to meet a new person on the street just like that. Complete the list yourself and discover new things every day.
  • Train to focus your attention to the outside world and to yourself. Look around: the sky often changes color right before your eyes, the mood of people on the street depends on the weather or the day of the week, and our smile may suddenly appear or disappear from your face – learn to notice these things!

Another level of attention is to monitor your breathing while walking, doing household chores and at any convenient time. Count the inhalations and exhalations, watch the airflows entering the nose and leaving the mouth when breathing. The body will tune in to a more sensitive and subtle work, the mind will become calmer, the consciousness will have the opportunity to clear up.

The more attentive to your inner world, the more difficult it will be for you to make the wrong decisions that affect your health and well-being, and no one will be able to convince you to eat tiramisu at two in the morning if you will be clearly aware of how you will feel after that.

All these methods will help to find the inner freedom necessary for making informed decisions! When we are not afraid to admit to ourselves that we want with all our souls, then our motives very firmly protect our true desires. The harmony of mind, spirit and body are fundamental things that lead to tremendous changes. Learning to developing inner motivation daily, you will begin to see this for yourself.

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