How To Create A Goal Plan For The Year And Win!

goal plan

90% of the job is done in the pre-planning stages! You can achieve your goal plan in 3 months.

Use tenfold thinking

Before writing the first chapter of Harry Potter, Joan Rowling planned seven years at Hogwarts. As a result, the story of Harry Potter has become the most read book of all time. Rowling had a serious long term goal plan.

Before the creation of the first Star Wars in 1970, George Lucas had a plan goals for at least six films and therefore began with the fourth episode, and not the first. As a result, almost 40 years later, the whole world went crazy when new Star Wars would come out. This would not have been possible if Lucas did not have such a well-thought-out ambitious strategy with specific plan goals.

So, let’s look at your goals for the year . Most likely, they reflect timid thinking and a non-creative approach to planning. Without a doubt, your goals in your plan are not very difficult and you can cope with them. But do not forget, you are able to endure much more than you think. You can adapt to everything.

For example, you set yourself the goal of earning $ 50,000 a year. Take it higher, change the target to 500,000 dollars.

When you multiply all your goals by 10, you have to start to achieve them with unconventional, innovative methods. The traditional approach does not work with tenfold thinking.

But in order to achieve the planned, it will be necessary not only to expand the boundaries of thinking. The efforts made must change. Just like their abilities, people underestimate the time and effort that must be expended in order to achieve something. That is why they are often late for dates and do not complete the work begun.

Instead of expecting ideal conditions, expect the worst. Instead of underestimating how much time and effort it will take, overestimate these things. Make even more efforts to achieve your goal than you think is necessary.

If you intend to think 10 times wider, you will have to make 10 times more effort. Without effort, it doesn’t matter how great your dream is. But when your behavior meets (and even exceeds) your expectations, dreams will quickly become reality.

Call to action

Choose your main goal for the year and plan to achieve it by April 1. It turns out that you have 2 months ahead of you 12. Are you ready to show courage and creativity?

information overload

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Bet on everything

People are afraid of obligations. We would rather leave the choice open. We are more likely to make several investments to reduce the risk.

But if you want to achieve more, then you need to put everything on one option. In fact, it’s much easier and less risky to focus on one thing rather than a few things. And yes, failure is possible.

Once you understand what you want, bind yourself with overwhelming obligations. Go all-in. When you do this, you will understand the true meaning of confidence, which can only come from within.

After realizing that the feeling of security is an exclusively internal feeling, and not something that is outside of you (such as a regular income or medical insurance), you will see yourself in a new light. Your faith in yourself and your abilities will increase significantly. The obstacles that once held you back will become a means of moving forward. Your inner state will correspond to your inner desires. True security is spiritual, not material.

Call to action

How you tune in to the game is many times more important than how you play. To win, before the start, give bold promises, bind yourself with obligations – then you will inevitably have to play at the highest level.

Move on, declare your goals publicly. Promise more, then get to work.

Your skills are always more important than your desires.

Well-known psychologist Anders Ericsson coined the term “thoughtful preparation.” His research became famous thanks to Malcolm Gladwell, who is famous for his 10,000 hours rule.

As history shows, people with innate abilities rarely fall into the world elite. Rather, those who devote most of their time to their craft get there. For example, most of the world’s best violinists played 10,000 hours on the violin before they turned 20.

You can master anything, and you will like it more and more as you improve in this.

If you spend three hours seven days a week, purposefully doing a specific business, you will gain 10,000 hours in 10 years. If you spend four hours five days a week, you will gain 10,000 hours in 10 years.

If you are carefully preparing for what you do at work, then you can work only 3-4 hours a day. But your activity should be directed and productive.

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Prioritization and execution

What is the matter, after which others seems easy or completely unnecessary? What are you willing to consciously practice 3-4 hours a day?


To set priorities for 3-4 hours, during which you will hone your skills, you must simplify your life. No doubt, you need to get rid of the activities, behavior, relationships that pull you back.

Getting rid of everything secondary is difficult, as excess projects can distract from your main priorities –  family, and personal goals.

It may be a little scary to cancel projects, break commitments, or end unhealthy relationships . But, as soon as you do this, you will feel incredible relief. You are free! Free from the shackles of inner experiences.

Call to action

Simplify your life as much as possible. We all have only 24 hours a day. How you spend this time depends on your priorities.

If you cannot prioritize 3-4 hours a day, then you do not deserve to become a first-class specialist in what you do. Plan a plan for daily practice if you want to become a professional. Do it.

Important rituals and habits for personal development

We evolve by repeating something over and over. According to one psychological study , it takes 66 days to form a new habit . Following new good habits will help maximize your potential.

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Learn every day

Ordinary people want lightness and entertainment. Extraordinary people are looking for difficulties and new knowledge.

Real learning is a complex process, which is not only the accumulation of knowledge. There is a difference between knowledge and understanding. You really don’t know something until you have experienced it, until you can simply explain and do it. I can read all the books about building a computer. But, until I assemble the computer myself, I do not really know this. Theory and life experience are two completely different things.

Therefore, do not learn only from books, the internet, youtube, and seminars. Put into practice what you learned from books, and do real things. Make mistakes. Gain experience.

Keep a diary

If you do not do journaling, you lose a lot. This activity has many advantages. And it does not require serious efforts. In fact, it is recommended that you do this for 5-10 minutes a day.

And there is no right or wrong way to keep a diary. You can use it to record important events that have occurred. Or to record your goals and objectives. Or use for interesting ideas and inspiration. Or just throw negative emotions into it.

What is useful to write in the diary:

Write every day 15 times about the goal you want to achieve. Moreover, write down goals and attitudes in the present tense (for example, “I am married to the girl of my dreams. I am married to the girl of my dreams. I am married to the girl of my dreams”).

Write down your other goals and keep lists of tasks. We suggest you record goals for the week, month, and year at least once a week. Repetition implements these goals in my subconscious and allows me to find new opportunities that I could miss without a diary.

Write about important events that you don’t want to forget.

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Write about existential questions (about principles, God, the universe, and life in general).

Write about the most important people in your life (about your wife, children, parents, mentors).


If you want to be a healthy, happy and productive person, get in the habit of doing regular exercise .

Exercising reduces the chance of depression, anxiety, and stress. They also influence career success. If you do not care about your body, other aspects of your life will suffer.

Conclusion: build a life, not just a career

One overdeveloped muscle can interfere with overall health and strength. You must have seen the guys from the audience with huge arms or broad shoulders and “chicken” legs.

Focusing on only one area of ​​your life is the same as going to the gym and working out the same muscle again and again, ignoring all other aspects of your body.

When planning your year, think about something more, and not just success at workPlan relationships and all important aspects of your life, such as travel, experience, goals, spirituality, personal development – in general, everything that interests you.

Many of your goals for this year may have nothing to do with work.

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