9 Suggestions For Steps To Personal Transformation And Getting Unstuck!

9 Suggestions For Steps To Personal Transformation And Getting Unstuck!

Any  time of year is a time to take stock and set new goals and work seriously on a personal transformation that really takes place and works. Start learning a new language, visit an exotic country, change jobs, move to another city, stop comparing your life with photos of friends on social networks, sign up for a gym – the lists of plans for the year for everyone are somewhat similar, but unique. Today we offer you 10 worthwhile ideas for goals, that will be great to set for ourselves.

Read more books

“I read 20, 30, 50 books this year!” Sounds impressive, but hard to reach. But counting is only about one book per week. It is a feasible task. Make a list of publications you would like to read. Break it into groups – books on self-development that are geared to personal transformation, fiction, professional publications, education. Find the lists of books to suit your mood – add the appropriate names to your list and use reading as an antidepressant, the ability to throw out emotions or even psychotherapy. So overshoot for your shift. 

Start investing

Set a goal to finally understand the structure of the stock market and form your investment portfolio. Start attending financial management courses and workshops, read books and subscribe to related bloggers. Make a habit of regularly investing at least a small amount, and within a year you will see the fruits of your decision. Understanding this issue and learning how to invest wisely is not as difficult as it might seem, and is quite affordable and affordable for almost everyone.

Arranging days of silence

Spending at least one day in absolute silence is an opportunity to immerse yourself in yourself, meditate, relax from daily stress, stop thinking about problems and arrange a real digital detox. If it is unlikely that you can arrange such a silent day at home, there are various retreat programs – for one day or longer, in your city or on-site. Choose the most suitable format and turn into an observer for at least a few hours from an active person. Stay alone with yourself and allow yourself to really relax, recharge and pump neuroplasticity .

Be happy

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Go to a music festival in another country

The lineups of music festivals are almost catching up with foreign ones, year after year more and more famous artists come to us. But the very experience of traveling to another country for the sake of several days of musical frenzy is a gift that should be presented to yourself at least once in a lifetime. Trips to festivals are always a lot of new meetings and acquaintances, dozens of main generation performers, unforgettable shows, entertainment, dances and memories that will stay with you forever.


Get rid of addiction

Even if you have already quit smoking or have never have never smoked, abandoned sugar and meat, reduced the time spent on social networks to 15 minutes a day, you can still find yourself addicted , which you should give up in the coming year. Dependence on other people’s opinions, drops on a runny nose, famous brands or beauty treatments, sports, shopaholism, gambling – the list of addictions of a person living in the modern world is growing in proportion to the emergence of new inventions and trends. Leave your physical and psychological attachments in the year behind and allow yourself to become a freer person.

Run a half marathon

Or a whole marathon. Another sports goal on our list. Running is one of the most popular sports, because for it you need practically nothing but sneakers and desire. If you still don’t run yourself, you regularly hear from your friends about their running achievements and see their daily posts with jogging routes. Running clubs are a useful and enjoyable hobby, the opportunity to find like-minded people who are working on achieving their own personal transformation and make new friends, and an alternative to conventional fitness equipment and a gym. If you have not succumbed to universal love for this sport, then the coming year is the time to try to try this hobby. And in order to fully appreciate it and not leave the beginning of the path, immediately set yourself a serious goal – to run a distance in one of the races in your city. Just do not try to jump above your head and choose it according to your physical abilities.

See the ocean

It is hard to find a man who has never seen the sea. But not met with the ocean much more. If you are one of them and want to be on the ocean, it is not necessary to go to distant exotic islands. One of the easiest ways to water is to just head to your closest lake or beach or even river where – there you will find yourself feeling a small personal transformation. 

Take or paint a picture and hang it at home

Even if you don’t have the inborn talent of a painter, you can create a real masterpiece that will delight the eye. Visit a couple of workshops, get acquainted with different techniques and tools, or just wait for inspiration and pour your sensations onto the canvas with the help of paints. Take your favorite colors and create abstractions. Try to capture your emotions and mood on the canvas, and it will certainly become something special for you. Small steps and just showing up can be monumental in the end for personal transformations. 

Save a life

Despite the fact that such a goal at first glance may seem too ambitious to achieve your personal transformation, it is much easier to achieve it than it seems. Take the dog or cat from the shelter or help the animal find a home. If you plan to get a four-legged friend this year, instead of a nursery or a store, go to a shelter and play with animals there – studies show that to find your “pet”, it’s not enough to choose the cutest cat or dog among the photos on the site, it’s better to talk with him and understand if there is contact between you.

Another way to save a life, and not even one, is to become a blood donor. Regular donation is not only an act of volunteering and a desire to help people, but also a way to keep your health under control. Donors undergo a series of examinations before the procedure and always know everything about their condition. Before donating blood, familiarize yourself with the contraindications and make sure that you can become a donor, and add the coming year even more sense and benefit.

The more goals you set for yourself – even the seemingly most elusive and absurd ones – the more you will achieve. Take a pencil and notebook and write promises to yourself for 2020. Periodically return to your list, cross out completed tasks, rewrite goals, add new ones – and then your year will definitely be productive and full of impressions. More goals achieved for you in the new year!

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