How You Deal With Anxiety Can Change Your Life!


How do you deal with anxiety? Friends are rebellious and unbridled, and strive to slip out and talk about problems on a universal scale. And so the modern world is arranged, especially in large cities, that there are a lot of reasons: from difficulties in relationships in the family to the environment. The terrible news awaits at every step, the body becomes numb, “what if …” begins to spin in the head.

Does that sound familiar?

Let’s talk about anxiety

Anxiety in itself is a very useful device, without which evolution would not be possible. Especially in the matter of survival, when there is danger at every step, it was extremely necessary. This emotion was genetically supported and strengthened as a useful device, in other words, the most anxious human individual survived. At that time, the main motto was: “This is not the time to relax, the more you think about the dangers, the more prepared.”

Time passed, and now “dangers” do not often lead to dire consequences, but the brain paints pictures and includes an alarm, through which it is impossible to think, feel and enjoy many things. And the more impulses from the outside (metropolis, social pressure, unstable past and so on), the higher the volume.

And she cannot be blamed. Our body can take care of our future only so far as it can, but for more personal issues this doesn’t work anymore.

How do you deal with anxiety

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Why does this bring so much discomfort?

  1. If we talk about the difference between two types of anxiety, then the first is a negatively colored emotion, when the second is a person’s ability to worry greatly for the slightest reason. It looks like an endless circle – the stronger the experiences, the more experiences they entail.
  2. Any emotions are closely related to physiological processes – anxiety activates stressful reactions of the body: muscles tighten, appetite changes, sleep is disturbed, which entails even more stress. The circle is closed.
  3. We unconditionally believe our anxiety, not trying to separate the prediction from the real possibility of a terrifying event.

What can help?

Places in life where you can stop and be in the here and now. That is why even small meditations, yoga and breathing practices work so well in the long run. How you deal with anxiety can shift a negative situation to a positive one.

Speaking of breathing – at the time of the attack, any mindfulness technique helps to get distracted : breathe deeply, feel the space around with all the senses, and wash yourself with cold water. Everything that can return you to the body and hold you there a little (as you know, anxiety takes us far from physical sensations).

How do you deal with anxiety

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You can ask yourself important questions in the moment :

  •  “Was it that I was very worried in the past, but it did not come true?”
  • “How would another person look at my situation?”
  • “What is the likelihood that it will be exactly as the alarm whispers to me?
  • “Has this happened already? ”

It is important to show yourself a different angle of view, which is usually not noticed at the time of strong emotions.

And one more thing – you can play the game “so what?” . Emotions usually do not end the “prediction”, they just add fuel to the fire, but when I know exactly what will happen, it’s easier for me to think through the actions.

“Suddenly they will not give me a salary this month” –  So what? –  “Then I can’t pay for the apartment …” – So what? –  “I have to live in a box” –  So what?

Is it likely that life in a box will be a reality?

And yet –  it is necessary to examine anxiety disorders with a specialist if they become severe. With this problem, it is very important to consult a psychologist (and a doctor) who  will help  you choose the right therapy. If your anxiety prevents you from living, breathing calmly and literally paralyzing – this is a bell. How you deal with anxiety is critical to living a calm and productive life.

Learning how to work with positive affirmations and move the critical, judgemental or negative thoughts out of thinking patterns can be a useful way to shift your anxiety.  Videos or books by Louise Hay outline and give great examples of how to shift thinking.

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