India’s Vanna Eco Hotel Holiday Retreat For Mindful Travel

India's Vanna Eco Hotel For A Mindful Holiday
About Uttarakhand, India 

Uttarakhand India is known for its rivers and cold to warm climate which is known to be the “lifeline” of India. Uttarakhand is also a unique part of India, as it is known for its medieval history and the creation of sacred texts during the Vedic period. From the 13th century, the Kumaon kingdom grew for 5 years under the Chand Rajas which originated within the Indian plains. 

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The retreat

The Vanna retreat is a modern and private eco holiday hotel composed of natural materials, natural lighting, and neutral colors that bring out harmony. Surrounded by forests and gardens, the retreat is a perfect relaxation center to purify the mind and body. 

The retreat offers 7 different types of rooms for individual, family or group stays and a wide range of suites offering different perspectives of the forest. Wellness is extremely valued at the Vanna throughout all 6 seasons and every adventure that comes along the way. At this wellness retreat, the Vanna values Ayurveda, Yoga, and Sowa Rigpa. They offer yoga programs, meditation sessions, and individual sessions, alongside Tibetan as well as Ancient Indian herbal medicines that root back in ancient Chinese practices. With the combination of yoga, meditation, natural medicine, as well as complementary therapies to rejuvenate and relax the body, the retreat ensures a self-transforming journey. 

This wellness retreat provides natural healing methods and natural ways of improving your diet and body goals or other underlying health issues. Panackahram is also another practice that undergoes a strict schedule of a healthy diet, therapy, spa treatments, and team support. The retreat values equality practices as they take care of employees’ and customers’ needs. 


Sustainable practices at the Van eco holiday retreat include a minimalistic ideology when it comes to their exterior and interior design. Moreover, the use of organic linen, 99% of LED lighting, biodegradable garbage bags, responsible upcycling and recycling as well as energy-efficient appliances. They even have their bottling plant which has allowed them to earn many awards, including Platinium and the LEED platinum certification. Furthermore, the eco hotel retreat was designed with FSC-certified bamboo, and wood, as well as low VOC paints, and polishes throughout the design process.

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Activities and nearby attractions 

At the Vanna retreat, they value physical and mental practices to keep the mind and body in good shape. 

Uttarakhand’s fascinating tourism spots to visit include

  • Rakish 
  • Nainital
  • Mussoorie
  • Different temples and gurudwaras
  • Devprayag 
    • a city with beautiful mountains and rivers
  • Haridwar 
    • Located right near the Himalayas 
    • One of the holiest places in India filled with temples and ancient history
  • Kedarnath 
  • And many more other cities!

Within these cities and towns, travelers can enjoy bungee jumping, jungle safaris, mountain biking, paragliding, river rafting, skiing, stargazing, trekking, and much more.

On-site activities
  • Hiking
  • Badminton
  • Swimming
  • Exercise classes 
  • Tennis 
  • Spa
  • Aqua fitness
  • E.t.c
India’s Vanna Eco Holiday For A Mindful Lifestyle

At the Vanna retreat, your wellness stay can incorporate thrilling and risk-taking adventures, simply relaxing and understanding your body or even both. At the Vanna retreat, travelers can enjoy different types of movement, flexibility, muscle strength, and natural healing methods, as well as massages, pottery classes, and mindful techniques. 

India’s Vanna Eco Holiday For A Mindful Lifestyle

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This wellness eco hotel holiday retreat offers luxurious and authentic cuisine with fine ingredients from India and other parts of the world. At the Vanna eco holiday retreat, the menu offers vegan, vegetarian, as well as meat options to replenish your body and fulfill dietary needs. “Vanna’s apothecary creates decoctions, infusions, herb mixtures and topical applications.” Explore the delicious and unique taste of India from breakfast to dinner and snack time coming from a sustainable inspired kitchen.


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