Tips For Plastic Free Travel

By Charlotte Carson

In many parts of the world, a plastic bag fee has been implemented to deter people from taking plastic bags, but in Southeast Asia and many prime travel areas they are still very much in use – to the point where before you’ve realized what’s happened, a single item of food ( probably additionally wrapped in some other plastic packaging which has no purpose) has a plastic bag all to itself. But it’s not just the plastic bags that are an issue anymore. So let’s get down to the business of how to –  plastic free travel.

We are all starting to globally rethink how we consume plastics throughout the day and see them now as as wasteful and hazardous convenient product?  We’ve all seen video footage of adult whales washed ashore and when scientists try to establish the cause of death, they find a stomach full of plastic waste. So how do we work around single plastic use in our travel.

This guide will help you with your preparation and knowing how to accomplish plastic free travel.

Reusable Canvas Bag

When you head out shopping take your own non-plastic canvas bag and simply turn down the bag. In addition, bring a few cotton bags you can fold up and into the bigger canvas bag so you are covered for anything. Look forbags and backpacks made from canvas and cotton, dyed with azo-free colours.  This process makes them safer to use and less harmful to the environment. They are vegan and plastic free.


Reusable Bottle

Take a reusable bottle with you on your flight and use it as your primary drinking bottle throughout your journey.  If you are prepared the flight attendants, and eateries will accommodate and refill your reusable bottle. Hydro Flask has them in various sizes.



Bamboo & Stainless Steal Utensils Travel Kit

This you can apply to travel and everyday life. We suggest you get a cotton bag that you slip all your non-plastic utensils in and keep in your canvas bag all the time. Anytime you are offered plastic ones then you have your own bamboo or stainless steel ones handy. If you want to par down carry a spork with is one that is both a spoon on one end and fork on the other. In your bag also include a bamboo or stainless steel straw. You can find an assortment of these and containers at Eco Lunch Boxes.




Food Wrap Up & Containers

Pack a few stainless steel container to prepare food to take on the plane and use for snacks while you travel, or to pass up on food packaging that is served in plastic. In addition some bees wax wraps for food, covering personal products, and other things along the way. I suggest you slip in 6-8. They will come in handy. You can find them at Lilly Bee Wrap online.


Packaging-Free Shampoo, Conditioners & Soap

Shampoo and soap bars, without packaging are perfect if you want to try and reduce your plastic usage and waste. Use the beeswax wraps to carry them in once in use or a stainless steal container. Just make sure they dry before putting them away.O’Canada Soap WorksRocky Mountain Soap Company and Waterlilies & Company carry them online. 

Eco Packaged Deodorant

Etsy has some great options for Eco-friendly deodorant sticks, which tend to come in biodegradable cardboard packaging.  Your Nature has a plastic free, eco-friendly natural deodorant and  organic ingredients, such as coconut oil, shea butter, mango butter, lavender, bergamot and candellila wax.




Organic Plastic Free Tooth Paste & Floss

So for a truly plastic free toothpaste, natural toothpaste by Georganics, which comes in a glass jar. They also have floss. They have a floss that is 100% Silk, it contains a small percentage (20%) of Polyester Yarn. Both are coated with natural candelilla wax and flavoured with organic essential oil. The floss comes in a reusable, plastic-free glass dispenser and metal lid. The dispenser can be reused with their floss refills. Another great option is to get yourself a whole travel kit already ready to go from Lucky Teeth

Bamboo Toothbrush

The two main plastic items we see washed up on the beach is water bottles and toothbrushes.

Inexpensive and, biodegradable, they will break down completely after they’ve been thrown away.

Traditional plastic toothbrushes never biodegrade so they end up in oceans or landfills eventually, bamboo biodegrade in about 2 years. Don’t forget the bamboo box to carry it in. You can pick these up at Georgia Organics, or try Well.

Safety Razors

Made from stainless steel, pack one away in your canvas bag with your personal care kit. Plastic razors never biodegrade so these are a great alternative.

Skincare Regime

You can purchase skincare products in glass bottles that come in the size allowable to take carry on. I would suggest our ClearLife Renew line to take carry on. Or get some tins and pump your products into little tins to take along. With a label maker, mark the tins as to which product is inside.

Cotton Travel Towels

Pick up some 100% cotton towels (organic if you can) as they are also much better than towels made with micro fibres and these dry really quick.

Organic Cotton Personal Care Kits

Instead of the plastic ones, switch to organic personal care kits and pouches. When they get soiled, just pop them in the washer. A favourite brand is Cottage Cloth, based in Toronto, Ontario, as they are both stylish and all products are made with organic cotton, and natural plant based dyes.

So let’s get going on getting you plastic free travel in place.




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