Inner Harmony: How To Find And Keep It

Inner harmony: how to find and keep it

The question of finding inner harmony with yourself and your body is perhaps one of the main issues in the development of humans to find peace. This is a complicated and confusing path that not everyone can manage to go. But what is this “inner harmony” and how can one come to it? How to find that very weightless state of mental and physical integrity?

No matter how trite it may sound, but it all starts with self-love . With the adoption of your body and other individual components. Self-love, contrary to public opinion, does not at all mean “blindness” and inaction. But it means respect for yourself and your own body. Love does not close its eyes to shortcomings, it, first of all, accepts them and helps you make a choice: do you want to work them out, or are you comfortable with the components that you have. Self-love helps you become better. And, most importantly, with love and acceptance comes the realization of personal uniqueness. and awareness of self-worth and an inner harmony.

Inner Harmony: How To Find And Keep It

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Listen to yourself. It is incredibly important to understand your desires and hear the signals of your body. Ask yourself leading questions more often, like: “Am I in the right place?”, “Do I really like my field of activity?”, “Do I live by my own desires or imposed?” etc. This will help you determine the state of things around. Often we lose our inner core when we begin to live with the advice and dreams of others. Imposed education, unloved work, yes anything. All this affects us and our satisfaction. Try to match yourself, not the environment. Listen to your inner voice and understand your desires. Yes, it’s easy to talk about it, but what about “debts, bills, family, dog …”. So, the boundaries are only in the head. There is nothing in this world that cannot be done. Start listening to your inner “I”, act on the basis of your own desires, and also often ask yourself questions, leading yourself on the right path. Be honest with yourself, then the debts will be paid off, and the accounts will be closed, and the family will be happier from this.

Evolve . Decide for yourself what you feel the “failures” are and if these are just self harming thoughts and start working to eliminate them. Or find a new interesting hobby that will be useful and important for you that makes you feel positive. Personal development is an integral part of finding harmony. You essentially fill the inner void. Devote more time to yourself, learn something new every day, learn to listen to your emotions, control your mind and feed it with useful information. But do not overload yourself with such actions. First of all, you should be driven by a sincere desire to do certain things. Look for inspiration and motivation, train your brain and body, and most importantly, enjoy the process of your development and feel the improvement.

Inner Harmony: How To Find And Keep It

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Everything written above is, in fact, familiar to everyone. True, not everyone is ready to take these three steps to achieve that same harmony within themselves. Of course, everything is individual and there is no universal “recipe for happiness.” But such things as self-love, awareness and personal development will become an invariable base for you in the process of finding yourself and your integrity.

And always remember that there are no perfect scenarios. Any of your internal state is not permanent. Therefore, always remember the balance and do not bring yourself to exhaustion. Simply put, enjoy the moment and don’t be overly critical of yourself.