Respect Your Body: 8 Exercises To Help Us Love Ourselves

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Our body. We do not like much about it, and too often we forget how much we should love ourselves. We have selected several effective ways to build relationships with our own body.

Often we express dissatisfaction with our body: it is not slender, fit, nose is too big, the skin is dull. A list of our own imperfections is always ready. But do we thank ourselves for the way that we are – and show we love ourselves to ourselves?

Of course, if you are sick and your body is malfunctioning, this makes it harder. But even in these moments, you can realize that the body is doing everything possible to cope with the misfortune, and to feel respect and gratitude to it.

We are part of our physicality, with all its forms, features, and sensations. Therefore, we are somehow feel free to criticize our body, striving for ideals, or gratefully accept the fact that we will not have another body, and begin to take care of it. And also – to take pleasure in it and take a step towards truly love ourselves first.

body positive

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First, evaluate how your opinion of your own body affects feelings of happiness, self-esteem, sexuality and identity. Do you respect your body or are you angry that it does not meet your fantasies about your size? Perhaps it’s time to make peace with your physical self.

Speak your feelings

Find a time when no one will disturb you. Left alone with yourself, undress and stand in front of the mirror (it is desirable that it be in full growth). Looking carefully at yourself, speak aloud about everything you see. Speak all the feelings and thoughts that come to mind – both positive and negative, about every part of your body. For example: “I am proud of my hair, but it seems to me that my ears are slightly sticking out and I really do not like my nose.”

Note the degree of negative and positive feelings about each individual aspect of your body: shape, texture, color. This will help you further track the dynamics.

Write a letter to your body

Express gratitude, disgust, admiration, or discontent — all that you experience with your body. Note whether the body serves you well. This exercise is especially useful for those who live with a serious illness or disability.

Make a truce with your body

Repeat the first exercise sequentially for 10 days, trying to note the narrative around your body more and more. Then write a new, more positive letter, promising your body to respect it and be grateful and to love ourselves as is.

Ponder and write down everything you know about your body

Ask yourself how it affects your behavior, sexuality, self-confidence and perception of yourself as a whole. Where did you get these beliefs? Perhaps it’s time to review them.

Stop yourself when you have negative thoughts about your body

To do this, it is important to learn to notice the moments when these thoughts are just beginning to creep in, and change your own assessments.

Do you think your hips are too lush? Perhaps we consider this feminine and rather talk about your strength and health. The pallor of your skin is just a sign of aristocratic roots, and the hump on your nose is what your husband loved you for.

Respect Your Body: 8 Exercises To Help You Love Yourself. clearlife 3

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Learn to treat yourself with humor – you will see the body will respond to you with gratitude.

Respect your body – including taking care of it

Most likely, you carefully choose what you will nourish the mind: books, exhibitions, films. Choose what will saturate your body through the mind into a positive inner speak.

When engaging in self-development, do not leave your body aside – find an occupation to your taste that will allow you to maintain it in good physical shape and with self love.

Focus on the sensations

The body is a source of pleasant sensations and pleasure, it allows us to reveal our sexuality and enjoy it. Only when you learn to accept your body with all its imperfections can you more fully enjoy it. Having rejected thoughts of flaws, learn to concentrate on feelings.

Learn to listen to your body and never compare it

Put a halt to the tape running through your head of your own or societies ideals, friends, or with yourself in the past. No one will ever have such a body again. Allow yourself to recognize this uniqueness and begin to live in harmony with it.

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