10 Questions to Ask Yourself on Your Journey to Self-Love


Ask yourself these questions as you journey to self-love. Find out if you are your own best friend to ensure you are providing yourself with good self-love.  Remember, it’s important to give an honest answers to be real with yourself and find out where you need to work on yourself.

Throughout life, we build relationships with other people, but what about interacting with ourselves? Indeed, without a clear understanding of ourselves, what we want and what we represent, it is difficult to form true self-love.

Answers to these 10 questions will help not only to see yourself from the inside out, but also to clearly define your goals, environment, profession, life partner and hobbies. Respond in a relaxed atmosphere alone with yourself. Take time to reflect on each item thoughtfully and leisurely.

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1. Are my goals really what I want? Or are they imposed on me by society or popular personalities as “right”?

How often have you copied the same goals from year to year, giving promises of 100% fulfillment? But suddenly – December is on the nose, and everything conceived remains on paper. You reproach yourself, scold, do not understand why you are so lazy and do not keep your promises. However, as a rule, the matter is completely different – these are simply not your goals.

Sit down and talk to yourself. Define what self-love means to you. Define the goals, having reached which, you will feel satisfied, calm and cheerful. If you feel that you want to first live for yourself, and closer to 30 years to have a baby, then you do not need to record “Have two children under 25 years old.” Yes, it may be so accepted in our society, but this is not what you specifically want.

2. Can I rely on myself?

This is a very serious matter. Can you create the life you dream about on your own, without counting on anyone, without asking anyone for help? The behavior and thoughts of people are so unpredictable that your existence can change in one second at the behest of the person on whom you depend. Self-love means your life should only be in your hands. It doesn’t matter how close you are to people, what plans you are building, you only have you. Learn to support yourself, find your interests, fall in love with life alone. This is good self love.

3. Do I drive conscious or mass consumption?

Mass consumption is fading into the background. Thinking through and planning purchases is one of the best ways not to clutter up your life. Today we are offered such a variety of products, clothing and services that it was impossible to imagine a few decades ago. But why buy everything that the eyes see indiscriminately? We have the opportunity to purchase quality products at an affordable price that will last for many years. Succumbing to trends and buying up “burning goods”, you lose your individuality, betray your own “I”, which you created with such difficulty. You betray your potential to form complete self-love.

4. Ask what does the word “happiness” mean to me?

The answer to this question will provide a more formulated and clear understanding of what is worth striving for. Whatever business a person does, it should bring him joy and happiness. Ultimately, this is the meaning of life. This is self-love.

It is not necessary to go through a difficult thorny path, only in the end to achieve the desired. Perhaps for you happiness is to settle by the sea, and at the moment you live in the center of a metropolis. I think it’s obvious that you are separated from a happy life by several hours of flight. Set the correct guidelines.

5. What disadvantages of another person am I not willing to put up with?

Relations with other people is a long and hard job. We spend our strength, time, energy on a person, and if something does not add up, it becomes very disappointing that we could not come to terms with any feature of his character. How often do we think we can get used to it?

And it’s worth only once honestly talking to yourself. This will save you from wasting precious resources on inappropriate people. Write a list. Choose 5-10 points that do not suit you in another person under any circumstances. Written – like a beacon that will not let you go astray. This list will help you weigh everything in advance and avoid mistakes. This is one of the key ingredients for good self love.

good self love

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6. How many people would I like to chat with during the day?

This is a little trick in finding an easy way to work that will bring joy.

Everything is simple here –  we are divided into 2 psychotypes: introverts and extroverts. The first will be calmer and easier to work alone, so that after work he still has the strength for friends and family. But if a person does not attach any importance to this, he is going to build a career in a company where 10 people sit in one room and communicate constantly on the phone, he will give all his strength five days a week, 8 hours a day, and get home broken and very tired .

By answering this question, you will understand what direction in the professional sphere to choose so that you can easily, quickly and safely develop in it.

7. Answer in one word: What is between me and the dream life/my main goal?

The previous question will help you figure out which way you better achieve your goals, and the current one – how to set them correctly. Model your dream life, then evaluate the current situation and just find the main differences.

8. How could I simplify my life and focus on what is most important?

Our everyday life is often full of routine business, unnecessary meetings, empty pastime on social networks. And all this takes our time, adds fatigue and the feeling that we do not have time.

Try to unload yourself. For example, cooking only twice a week, but a lot, highlighting really important meetings, filtering social networks. You will notice how much easier it is to fulfill your goals and stay in a good mood. Find things that take your time and resources and simplify them.

9. Things that gives me energy?

To be able to receive energy when necessary is a real art. Learn to do this from the things around you. Conduct an internal dialogue and make two lists – which actions add energy to you and which take away. For example, you are inspired when you listen to calm music, start to work twice as intensively, wearing headphones, but do not have time if you get up later than 10 a.m.

The answer to this question will increase productivity and teach you to find beauty in everyday life and good self love.

10. What inspires me?

What makes your eyes light up? Ask yourself what am I ready to do with an open mind, not paying attention to anything? Are there things you like to do so much that you can go to the ends of the world for this? The answer will make it clear which hobby really suits you. Find such a thing, and you will not just relax, but get a whole storm of emotions.

By answering all 10 questions, you will create a solid foundation for future relationships with yourself. Knowing yourself will be the beginning of a happy and confident life full of good self love. You will stop rushing from side to side and go your own way.

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