Top Ingredients & Tips To Reduce Wrinkles

Top Ingredients & Tips To Reduce Wrinkles
What causes lines and wrinkles? 

Today, anti-aging products are hot in the market. But it is essential to be aware of the natural and unnatural side effects that can increase aging and cause wrinkles. Lines and wrinkles can cause tightening in the skin, crevices, and creases. Wrinkles can occur for many reasons, which include sun exposure, smoking, dehydration, environmental factors, using toxic products, and genetics. Although wrinkles are a natural part of aging, for some individuals, wrinkles can begin at the age of 25 and for others later on. However, wrinkles also have negative effects as it can make the skin look saggier, produce more oil, and may even cause redness or irritation to the face.  

Wrinkles can also occur from environmental factors due to toxic gasses in the air such as soot, nitrogen dioxide, and micro-plastics. Other factors that can increase face wrinkles include cold weather and low humidity which dries and tightens the skin.

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How to reduce wrinkles

In order to reduce wrinkles, it’s important to practice sun protection, avoid or limit alcohol, smoking and coffee, wash and hydrate your face daily, and add antioxidants to your diet to improve facial skin. It is also important to loosen and smoothen your skin by massaging, exercising, or by using radio frequencies to balance the skin. Avoiding hot water and using warm water can help leave the skin feeling toned and set, alongside using the correct skincare steps to improve wrinkles. Boosting collagen levels is also a key factor in how to reduce wrinkles to even out fine lines. 

More tips 
  • When dealing with wrinkled skin it is important to stay hydrated 
  • Make sure to moisturize morning and evening
  • Using natural acids and antioxidants may reduce the effects of wrinkles 
Top skin care ingredients to reduce wrinkles  
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Retinol
    •  Retinol helps collagen production 
  • Vitamin E: 
    • Helps boost natural glow and improves overall skin health  

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