The Benefits Of Retinol & Why It’s Popular

benefits of retinol

There are many benefits of retinol in skincare routines. In recent years, information about the miraculous properties of retinol (or its other name – vitamin A) is touted by, scientists, cosmetologists, and beauty bloggers. However, do not rush to follow the advice from the Internet and immediately buy a cream with this ingredient. The effect of retinol can be either positive or negative. And this depends not only on the individual characteristics of the skin and the body, but also on age, the rules for personal care, even the combination of retinol with other vitamins and components.

What is retinol and why is it so popular

According to Victoria Goncharuk Dermatologist-cosmetologist: “Retinol is the first vitamin discovered by scientists in 1913, which is why it got the name of the first letter of the alphabet (A). It is a fat-soluble vitamin that easily penetrates the epidermis. Retinol is necessary for the health of the skin and hair, the normal functioning of the immune system, as well as for the growth of new cells and slow the aging process.”

Signs of vitamin A deficiency are expressed in the appearance of peeling on the skin, increased dryness, conjunctivitis, dandruff, hair loss, decreased visual acuity (especially at night), and increased susceptibility to infections. A large amount of retinol is found in fish, liver, vegetables and fruits of orange and yellow color (carrots, pumpkin, apricot). But for the absorption of retinol in the digestive tract, fats are required.

benefits of using retinol

What is the effect of retinol on the skin?

clean cosmetic productsDaria Yakushevich,  cosmetologist and surgeon, head of the face and body aesthetics department X-Clinic comments: “Retinol is very unstable to the external environment and easily decomposes, therefore it is used in the form of various compounds – retinol palmitate, retinol acetate and plant based others. It must also be remembered that it is not retinol itself that works in the skin, but its derivative retinoic acid. This compound has receptors in skin cells and activates their division and synthetic activity.

Retinol preparations are especially useful for acne patients and tanning enthusiasts with signs of photoaging. In these cases, all the beneficial properties of this compound are manifested: accelerated skin renewal, pronounced antioxidant protection, regulation of the sebaceous glands. As a result of the use of retinol, the complexion improves, age spots are lightened. So benefits to retinol use are positive.

For patients with acne there is no age binding; all appointments should be according to indications. For the prevention of chrono- and photoaging, retinol can be used as early as 25-30 years. However, in the use of funds with this component, a number of rules must be observed. Otherwise, the skin can only be harmed.

How to use retinol creams

Retinol is a difficult compound, and before starting its use, an allergy test should be done on an inconspicuous area of ​​the skin (more often it is done on the inner surface of the forearm). If the allergy test gave a negative result, then you can enter this component in the care. But gradually, starting with a small amount and infrequent use.

It is also important to remember that at the beginning of therapy, phenomena such as dry skin and itching are possible, so immediately stock up with good moisturizing serums and creams. In addition, we must not forget that retinol derivatives increase the sensitivity of the skin to solar radiation, which is the reason for the constant use of products with SPF protection. Experience suggests that the vast majority of patients have long gone home without sunscreen, even in winter, but when using retinoids, control should be strengthened.

Speaking about the interaction of various drugs, one of the main rules is not to mix retinol with vitamin C in one application. In order to get the effect of each of these components, retinol is best used in the evening, and vitamin C in the morning.

Also, when treating acne, you can not combine retinol with benzoyl peroxide (basiron) in order to avoid severe irritation and possible burns!

how retinol is beneficial in skincare

Another important rule

Maya Zhmareva Dermatologist and cosmetologist at the Austrian Health Center Verba Mayr states: “Apply the cream with retinol quickly, because when it comes into contact with the skin, the active component starts working instantly. So as long as you use wisely, there are many benefits to retinol.

At the same time, moisturizers or serums should be used only an hour after applying retinol. So you do not dry the skin and extend the working time of the component.”

How to choose a product with retinol

The concentration of retinol in the cream should be at least 0.1% (prophylactic agents) and at least 0.4% (therapeutic agents),” says dermatologist-cosmetologist Victoria Goncharuk . – If the manufacturer does not indicate the percentage of retinol on the package, the lower the mention of vitamin A in the list of ingredients, the lower its concentration. It’s better to look for the means in which retinol is indicated at the top of the list of components. ”

So you can see the benefits of retinol are vast in a beauty routine for glowing skin.