Here’s How Sunflower Oil Gives You Glowing Skin

By Charlotte Carson

sunflower oil

Did you know that most natural creams contain the very oil on which you used to fry pancakes and potatoes? Yes, it is sunflower oil that has the ability to mitigate the aggressive effects of various components of cosmetics, and in itself it is one of the best home remedies for skin rejuvenation, gentle care for aging and creating glowing skin

Our editors will tell you how to use this oil for your face to restore freshness and youthfulness and for glowing skin. Home organic products packed with sunflower oil help moisturize aging skin, help problem skin to overcome unpleasant rashes, and dry skin will return a healthy glow and relieve flaking. Using this oil for the skin is not at all difficult, the main thing is to choose the appropriate method.

clearlife clean beautySunflower oil, which has not undergone complex cleansing processes, is exactly the oil that is necessary for aging skin. Consisting of triglycerides and fatty acids, the unrefined product has noticeable antioxidant properties, protects cells from the harmful effects of free radicals and slows down the process of destruction of elastic collagen fibers, making the skin supple and smooth.

In addition, a variety of vitamins and minerals are part of sunflower oil: Vitamin E provides oxygen transport to the epidermal cells, inulin deeply moisturizes skin cells, and phytin has a rejuvenating effect. Overall, the components of sunflower oil offers an affect on sensitive and aging skin that is both radiant and fresh. 



  1. Improves blood supply to epidermal cells
  2. The structure of the skin is restored to balanced levels 
  3. Activates defense process of the skin
  4. The pores become narrow
  5. Restores healthy terrain
  6. The skin becomes radiant and healthy looking, its color improves
  7. Eliminates peeling and dryness of the skin
  8. Heal cracks and scratches
  9. Small facial wrinkles become smooth

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