Best Beauty Tips For Your Age: 20, 30, 40 Plus

Beauty tips for your age

Approximately every ten years, our skin needs change, and with them care products. Our article contains tips on changing tools and integrating new ingredients for 20, 30 and 40 plus years. Select the basic care for your skin type, simply adding steps or products from the list of best beauty tips for your age.

Skin care for 20s

From personal life to beauty routine, your 20s can be a strange and difficult period. Little experience using cosmetics and ignorance of the features of your skin can lead to inflammation or an allergic reaction to the components. Do not forget about the mantra about the conscious consumption of cosmetics: “The less, the better.” This is especially true of a young age, when the skin does not need to be helped to perform its functions. Easy and proper care can be selected in several classic stages:


Nursing routine usually begins with puberty, because hormones increase the production of sebum, contributing to the appearance of acne and excessive oily skin. For washing, use a soft milk cleanser. Choose products with ph 5.5 to maintain a healthy acid-base balance of the skin.

beauty tips for your 20's
Acne treatment

No matter how well you care for your skin, you can get acne at the age of 20. At what for completely different reasons: hormonal failure, stress, dairy products. One carefully selected active product with acids will help you better than battered folk remedies. It can be a serum, tonic or cream. Choose such a product as carefully as possible, always listen to your skin.


Sunscreen must be used year-round, taking into account the indicator of UV radiation. If above 3, then sunscreen of some type is needed. Look for brands that are organic or made with natural ingredients for safety as well.

Sun protection reduces the risk of skin cancer and slows down the signs of aging. The use of sunscreen is an extremely useful habit that must be developed at a young age.

Skin care for 30s

beauty tips for your age to keep glowing

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If at 30 you are still using products that suit you at 20, you should consider changing your care routine. The problems remain similar, but something new is added, for example, signs of premature aging. In addition, skin resources begin to weaken slowly, respectively, you need to add more powerful products.

Antioxidant Serum

When we get older, the body needs a little more time to recover. The same goes for our skin. More time is needed for the cells to renew and repair their daily damage. Therefore, in addition to Sanskrin and moisturizer, you need to add antioxidants as another layer of protection. Numerous studies show that antioxidant serums with vitamin E can protect the skin from photoaging and lighten pigmentation.


In addition to antioxidants, I suggest including products with retinoids or vitamin E. Retinol and its derivatives eliminate premature signs of aging, reduce age spots, accelerate cell regeneration, and also treat acne. To get started, try light formulas. Means with retinoids must be administered gradually, applied only in the evening before bedtime, and it is imperative to use sunscreen during the day. The skin will adapt to the new ingredient for a couple of weeks.

Nourishing Moisturizer

With age, the skin becomes drier, and its hydrolipidic barrier is depleted. To prevent this, you need nutritious, dense and non-comedogenic creams with saturated oils. They create a protective film, slowing transepidermal water loss.

Skin care for 40+

If at the age of 30 you are just starting to think about skincare products aimed at combating the first signs of aging, then at age 40 it is time to take seriously the changes in your skin. By this time, our cell cycle, compared with 20 years of age, has more than halved (45 days versus 20 on average). In addition, wrinkles appear in the areas with the greatest mobility: forehead, nose, around the eyes and mouth.

beauty tips for your age when you are 40
Eye cream & Face oils

Up to 40 years, eye creams are almost useless. We are constantly encouraged by its need, but this is just a marketing ploy. However, at 40 everything changes. Choose a cream that focuses on specific aging issues: wrinkles, dark circles under the eyes, swelling. Means with peptides can tighten the contour.  Face oils that are in your regular regime can also be used with great success as an eye cream.

Retinol is a super effective anti-aging ingredient. If you started using it at 30, then at 40 you can apply a stronger concentration with help in the form of AHA and BHA acids.


If you thoroughly approach the use of retinol, then do not forget about the importance of sunscreen, since retinoids accelerate the cell cycle and the stratum corneum of the skin becomes thinner. Provided that you use sunscreen daily, retinol products can be applied year-round. An additional ingredient to sunscreen can be an antioxidant. And wear a hat, sunglasses and protective clothing to be safe.

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