How To: Skin Care During Quarantine

How to: skin care during quarantine

In connection with the global quarantine and the temporary closure of beauty salons, home care for face skin is more relevant than ever for many women. What routines are important to focus on and the main steps that the basic skincare during quarantine mode of each of us should include?

Cleansing, care and protection are the three rituals of daily beauty routine that should be followed. But how to organize everything correctly so that facial skin care is competent and, most importantly, safe?

Quarantine … This word sounds more often than ever in the last week. The time when, due to daily stay at home, each subsequent day is similar to the previous one. But do not despair, you need to learn how to take advantage of everything.

For many, the maximum program for the evening is to wash off the cosmetics before going to bed and quickly apply the cream that first falls under the arm (it is good if you do not mix up face cream with hand cream due to fatigue).

Another thing is during quarantine , when you don’t have to hurry anywhere, but you can calmly, measuredly and with special pleasure pamper your skin with your favorite means. But in order to get the most effective effect from the products, they should be applied in a certain order. How exactly – I tell you further.

clean cosmetic productsMorning

Wash your skin

The first vital step in facial skin care is cleansing. Gently, slowly, apply milk , gel or foam for washing, moving in massaging movements along massage lines . We cleanse the skin for two to three minutes. Then wash off the rest of the product with warm water.

Apply serum on the entire face and dab the eye area

Apply the product to the delicate area with delicate massage movements. The scheme is as follows: first we move from the outer edge of the eye to the inner on the lower eyelid, then from the inner edge to the outer in the upper eyelid. Important: do not apply cream to the moving eyelid!

Face cream

Now you need to apply your favourite day cream for the face, following the scheme of massage lines.


In the evening, the scheme for applying the care products is exactly the same as in the morning. But, in addition to the basic steps described above, it will not hurt to pamper your skin with cosmetic care several times a week. Given that now all the beauty salons are quarantined, and it will not be possible to register with their cosmetologist soon, such procedures will be extremely useful.

Gentle exfoliation 2-3 times a week

After you have cleaned and protonated the skin of your face and neck, apply an exfoliator to remove dead cells and improve its appearance. This can be a scrub, low percentage acid peeling , gommage or enzyme peeling. It all depends on the problem, the sensitivity of your skin and on which product you are most comfortable using. Do not forget to wash off the exfoliating agent.

Face mask

After exfoliation, apply a mask. Alginate, cleansing, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, nourishing or anti-aging – choose the one that will have the most beneficial effect on your skin, depending on the age, type of skin and problem that needs to be solved.

Cream for the face, serum and night oil

Well, after the mask, we traditionally use eye cream and face cream. And do not forget the golden rule: we apply all means along massage lines so that the skin of the face and neck remains young and beautiful for as long as possible.

Agree, to observe such a regime is not at all difficult. All these steps are quite simple, but at the same time very useful and important for your skin. Believe (and check) that after several weeks of following this face care scheme, such a correct regimen will go into your daily habit.

And the result will definitely please you – you will become the owner of clean, well-groomed and radiant skin, and say to yourself “thank you” for your daily efforts. Therefore, girls, do not despair, because the quarantine will end, and we will again enjoy the spring sun, wear beautiful dresses with shoes and delight others with our beauty!