How To Heal Dark Spots & Uneven Skin

How To Heal Dark Spots
What are uneven skin tone and dark spots?

Dark spots and uneven skin tones are a type of skin condition that can either be temporary or long-lasting. Some factors include exposure to the sun for long periods, post-inflammatory, dead skin, or dry patches. Another cause of uneven tone is age spots and wrinkles which occur when the skin starts to sag, and lose moisturizer naturally over time or simply due to overproduction of melanin which forms different tones on your neck and face. However, in some cases, skin discoloration can be caused by infections, skin cancers, rashes, or birthmarks. Some skin pigmentation disorders include melanoma, vitiligo, or albinism. Some skin disorders can be treated while others cannot be and have varying symptoms. 

Another factor as to why skin pigmentation changes are due to underlying health risks or reactions to medicines. For instance, individuals with certain health issues may see changes or spots. However, in some cases, change in pigmentation occurs due to wounds, and inflammation of skin irritation which can be treated with the right skincare routine. 

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How to treat dark spots

Discoloration from the skin can be treated with improved health practices. For instance, drinking water, protecting the skin from the sun, balancing hormones, avoiding medications that cause skin reactions, and avoiding irritations. Other ways to treat dark spots include adding acids, and  vitamin B3, using a hydrating face mask, increasing hydration levels.

Weekly exfoliation and proper skincare both day and evening are key. 

Key Ingredients to look for in products to heal skin
  • Dandelion
    • Helps smooth and lighten the tone
  • Primrose seed oil
    • Helps boost hydration 
    • Contains Vitamin B6 
    • Contains antibacterial properties
  • Vitamin D
    • Helps decrease inflammation 
    • Repairs and rejuvenates the skin
    • Helps treat skin conditions
    • Boosts skin

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