Safflower Seed Oil – Top Benefits For Gorgeous Skin

Top Benefits of Safflower Seed Oil For Gorgeous Skin

Safflower seed -oil is an ancient beauty and health product from Greece, Egypt, and East Asia. It was later introduced into America around the mid-19th century. It comes from the safflower plant. The oil is composed of oleic and linoleic acids which are unsaturated fats. The rest of the concentration is made up of saturated fatty acids. It also contains many omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids which are beneficial for your skin and body. The oil can be used for the treatment of illnesses, weight loss, and in foods. And it can also be used in paints, to dye cosmetics and fabrics in a more natural way. In skincare this is a key ingredient you want to have in your back pocket. 

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Safflower seed oil is most commonly used on the skin to treat acne as it contains many anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which help reduce and treat acne. This oil can be used for sensitive, dry and oily skin. It also has many moisturizing properties which help rejuvenate skin’s moisture. Linolenic acid is one of the main ingredients in safflower seed oil which also helps reduce scars and helps damaged skin alongside cleansing properties. The safflower seed oil also contains vitamin E which is an essential ingredient in preventing aging, damaged skin, and wrinkles from UV ray exposure. A study conducted in 2018 used this oil on a group of women, and the results showed the effects of helping sunburned skin. It can also help with skin issues/diseases such as eczema, skin repair, dermatitis, dehydrated skin, rosacea, and psoriasis. 

More Tips and Facts

  • Easily mixed with other moisturizing and other vitamin properties has more effective results on your skin
  • Can be used to help reduce and stimulate the heart 
  • Provides UV protection 
  • Is good for hydrating the skin for individuals with oily skin who are using retinol or any medicated creams 
    • over-drying the skin can also cause more acne which is why balancing the skin levels is important 
  • Beneficial for keeping your scalp and hair shiny and moisturized  
  • Can help unclog pores 

Organic Comes First 

Organic oils are known to not be solvent-expelled and do not have any additional pesticides or toxins within them. Organic safflower seed oil can help with skin treatment and provide all benefits. Safflower seed oil in its natural form can enhance the skin’s healing process.

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