The Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil for Gorgeous Skin!

benefits of evening primrose oil

What is Evening Primrose oil?

Evening primrose oil comes from the plant called evening primrose,  Oenothera biennis. Native to warm places, such as Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Mexico, this plant offers many health and skin benefits. It is known that primrose seed oil helps with PMS, fatigue, wound healing, digestion issues, bone and nerve pains, and sore throats. Primrose seed oil contains ingredients like omega-6 fatty acids, gamma-linoleic acid, palmitic acid, oleic acid, stearic acid, and (in smaller amounts) myristic acid, oleic palmitic acid, vaccenic acid, eicosanoic acid, and eicosenoic acid, EPO, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin E, and flavonoids. Evening primrose oil protects you from environmental factors that may impact your skin. For instance, UV light radiation, pollution, and other harmful toxins. Primrose seed oil has many healing benefits for the skin, hair, and body.

Benefits + Ingredients

  • Evening primrose oil is a GLA-rich EPO that is know to promote skin health.
  • It reduces dark spots from fatigue and promotes EPO production on the skin. This can leave the skin looking flawless!
  • Primrose oil helps boost overall immunity and cleanses the skin, which also helps treat acne and eczema.
  • Primrose seed oil also has anti-aging properties as it promotes elasticity of the skin and balances water levels on the skin.
  • Primrose seed oil also reduces inflammation, and redness and helps repair damaged skin.
  • Vitamin B-6 is essential to the skin as it is an anti-dermatitis factor and can also help with amino-acid metabolism.
  • Aqueous leaf extract contains phenolic compounds meaning that the oil contains anti-aging and anti-bacterial properties which can reduce acne.

It can also help with skin tone and provide radiancy back onto the skin. The many benefits of evening primrose oil has many Hydrating properties which help smoothen and moisturize the skin.

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