Top 6 Skincare Tips to Prepare For Any Season

Skincare tips

At any time of the year you need to take care of your skin every day, but in winter and the heat of summer it is especially important.  To avoid such problems, you need to prepare carefully.  Here are 6 skincare tips to prepare your skin for any season, with a keen eye on winter.

Change the moisturizing cream to a nourishing one and ensure you have a serum.

In winter, our skin becomes more sensitive, so it needs very effective protection.  In freezing weather, a light fluid or tonic, which is ideal for summer care, will not protect our skin.  And over-moisturizing the skin (during the day) can even lead to frostbite.  Therefore, winter cream should be nutritious and have a dense texture. And for extra protection, coat your face with a serum under the cream during the day and at night add a night oil on top after you moisturize. If the products are all high quality and organic based you should not need an extra eye cream with this combination. And go organic and vegan with all your personal care products to ensure safety and best possible results. 

Regularly moisturize the air in the house 

At temperatures below 0 degrees we can’t do without heating in our home.  However, heaters not only heat our house, but also dry the air in it.  And the desiccated air has a very negative impact on the condition of our skin.  Therefore, the air must be moisturized.  Nowadays, many air cleaners and humidifiers are a great help, but even without the acquisition of these inventions to maintain a normal level of moisture, the help of a simple container of water, near heaters or the grilles of a radiator are great skin tips. 

Refill your vitamins

Most of the vitamins and useful minerals get into our bodies with food and water.  So, what we eat always affects how we look.  Our skin condition can be improved by eating “healthy” foods – vegetables, fruits, lean fish and meat, dairy products.  Particular attention should be paid to Vitamin D in winter, which prolongs the youthfulness of cells and tissues.  It is synthesized in the skin under the influence of sunlight, and in winter with the lack of sunlight, its reserves should be replenished also through food.  

Use a gentle exfoliant 

Everyone knows that autumn is the exfoliant season.  Indeed, many cosmetologists advise to use this time to cleanse the skin from keratinized cells with exfoliation.  This will help to improve blood supply, texture and color of the skin, as well as prepare it for the use of nutritious creams.

Hand and lip skin also need protection

The skin in these body areas is most sensitive and vulnerable to winter cold.  Another great woman – Coco Chanel – has noticed a very important and useful rule – hand cream should always be in your purse!  After all, the skin on your hands is the first thing that gives out your age.  You can use a moisturizing balm or skin oils to care for your lips.

Don’t go too hot on the shower temperature.

With the onset of cold weather, we all want to warm up under a hot shower, but, according to cosmetologists, it is harsh for the skin.  Excessively hot water dries the skin and removes its protective layer together with soap.  The skin becomes dry and vulnerable.  One more of our skincare tips is to take a warm shower or bath with a moisturizing gel and then apply a nourishing body cream. Going green in the bathroom also keeps toxins out of your space to help keep you and your environment safe. 

Getting some great skincare tips can keep you glowing all year long.

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