Top Methods To Heal Skin Irritation On The Face!

Top Methods To Heal Skin Irritation On The Face: Causes & Treatments!

Redness, peeling, itching, and discomfort are all symptoms we need to heal skin irritation . A violation of the protective layer caused by internal and external factors leads to these changes. Irritation on the face can be triggered by various factors. Such a dermis becomes vulnerable to damage and infections, foreign substances and toxins. Protective barriers weaken, inflammation appears. How to remove facial skin irritation? Can these aesthetic imperfections be prevented? Read more about this and much more.

How does the condition of the skin change?

A healthy barrier consists of dense scales that are glued together by lipids. This layer provides effective protection of the epidermis from toxins, damage and infections. Healthy skin is also not prone to moisture loss. It remains elastic and elastic longer, age-related changes do not appear on it .

Skin irritation on the face occurs due to damage to the protective barrier. The integrity of the lipid layer is violated. Because of this, bacteria and allergens penetrate the dermis. The skin becomes vulnerable to external irritants, quickly loses moisture. Her condition is rapidly deteriorating. To prevent these changes, and heal skin Irritation, it is necessary to choose special care for irritated skin, aimed at restoration, protection, nutrition and hydration.

How to heal your skin. Top Methods To Heal Skin Irritation On The Face: Causes & Treatments!

Common Causes of Irritation

The condition of the skin changes under the influence of various factors. Even a healthy dermis with constant negative influence can lose its qualities. It becomes more sensitive, dry , covered with red spots, can peel off, cause itching and discomfort. Skin irritations are the result of such factors:

  • aggressive cleansing and improper care. Many cleansers do not only clean the dermis from dust and makeup. They also wash away the fats that make up the protective barrier. With a systematic procedure, the cover is irritated. Derma needs a gentle, delicate cleansing with quality products. For each type, appropriate cosmetics should be selected;
  • stress, fatigue and lack of sleep. With an increased level of the hormone cortisol in the body, immunity decreases. It also contributes to the emergence of diseases of the cardiovascular and digestive systems. Excess cortisol negatively affects the condition of the skin. It inhibits regeneration processes, disrupts the function of the sebaceous glands;
  • action of free radicals. Unstable molecules damage the cells of the dermis. Its ability to be restored and renewed is impaired; protection against damage is worsened. The best neutralizing agents of the free radicals are antioxidants;
  • adverse environmental conditions. Bad ecology makes the skin vulnerable to damage. On this cover, redness and other aesthetic flaws appear. An environmentally unfavorable environment also produces free radicals that provoke premature aging;
  • Products can be the causes of hypersensitivity to the skin, cause irritation and atopic dermatitis. Even useful substances that are necessary for the full functioning of the body provoke aesthetic disadvantages with individual intolerance;
  • hot water. A long shower or bath relaxes and warms. But hot water acts on the skin in the best way. It washes away not only dirt, but also a protective fat layer. And washing products provoke dehydration, itching , peeling;
  • medical preparations. Red irritated facial skin can be caused by prolonged use of medications. Many remedies provoke dryness, itching, peeling. After taking such products, a microflora-restoring program is needed.

With a high sensitivity of the skin, it is also recommended to limit the contact of the dermis with soap, household chemicals. You should not spend much time in the sun or in the pool. The treatment method is selected individually. First of all, it is necessary to eliminate the cause of irritation, then choose a comprehensive care that will restore the cover and protective functions of the lipid layer.

How to heal skin irritation:

The basic rule is to exclude contact with irritants. Track your diet: which foods cause a reaction, take a warm or cool shower, eat a balanced diet rich in antioxidants.

To relieve irritation, you will need cosmetic products with a calming property. Such funds are created on the basis of mineral oils, incorporate vitamin A, aloe vera extract, and other natural extracts.

Take care of the delicate effect on the skin. Do not touch the inflamed area, especially with dirty hands. Refuse hard scrubs and peels. For washing, it is better to use soft gels , milk or foam. Choose products for problematic and sensitive skin , created on a natural basis.

Avoid taking hot baths and going to the sauna. Wash your face with warm or cool water. Each cleansing is recommended to “close” with tint. Choose a tonic for sensitive skin without alcohol. For dry and irritated skin, chamomile decoction can be a salvation. Once every two weeks do steam baths with the addition of essential oils.

The main rules for the care of irritated skin:

If after excluding irritants and following all the rules of redness, itching, peeling and other cosmetic defects do not go away, it is recommended to consult a doctor or nutritionist. The specialist will be able to choose a comprehensive effective treatment, based on the reason, help with the choice of cosmetics and offer cosmetology programs aimed at restoring the skin.