4 Common Skin Problems a Good Diet Can Change

By Daphne Kostova

skin problems

Food for beautiful skin – this concept is not surprising to anyone. The fact that skin health directly depends on the food we eat is hardly a secret. So here are some tips on foods that can help ward off skin problems.

Of course, skin problems (acne, rashes, dryness, early wrinkles, etc.) can be caused not only by food, but also by many other factors (nerves, allergies, lack of sleep, impaired intestinal flora, hormones).

But food and eating habits are the ones that can most easily be adjusted, and if you can look and feel better just by refusing some foods, then why not?

Food for beautiful skin is absolutely real!

Why We Do Get Inflamed Skin?

Acne can cause discomfort at different ages, this is not always a problem for adolescents. In many cases, refusing dairy products greatly reduced the number of inflammations.

Many doctors suggest, intolerance to dairy products in adulthood is a very common occurrence, and people with acne often do not even suspect that refusing milk and yoghurts can greatly improve their skin condition.

Milk and dairy products contain growth hormone IGF-1, which affects the production of sebum (clogged pores) and can cause inflammation. You should try replacing cow’s milk with almond milk.  You should also reduce your yogurt intake to see significant changes in your daily life.

An important point: if you decide to exclude milk from your diet, take care to compensate for calcium intake (add white beans, freshly squeezed orange juice and oranges, almonds, dry figs, algae in any form).

Dry Skin: More Nuts, Less Coffee And Alcohol

For those who suffer from dry and dehydrated skin, alcohol, coffee, and carbs from food like chocolate and pasta make the situation worse. They lead to dehydration of the body and the skin. (Have you ever noticed your liquid consumption after every plate of pasta?)

To digest carbohydrates, the body needs moisture, and it takes it from all available resources). It is important to drink as much water as possible, but that’s not all: if you try to replace at least part of the carbohydrates with foods rich in fatty acids (omega 3, 6), this will significantly reduce dryness and peeling!

Less white bread, pizza, pasta, chocolate, coffee and strong tea, more water, nuts, chia seeds.

skin problems

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Dull, Lifeless Skin: Replace Sweets With Berries

In general, the effect of “dull skin problems” can be caused by many different factors (for example, the process of exfoliating the upper layer of the skin is violated, and the dead particles do not fall off as they should – in this case peeling will be the best solution), but with the help of a diet you can really significantly improve complexion.

The most important enemy of radiant and supple skin is sugar, which destructively affects collagen and elastin, the two proteins responsible for the state of the epidermis. On the other hand, foods rich in Vitamin C affect them very positively, which affects the general condition of the skin.

Try replacing sugar, desserts, and chocolate with fresh berries and fruits (for example, cranberries with a spoon of natural honey – a great winter alternative to a chocolate donut), hold out for at least a week and watch the result.


Dark Circles And Bags Under The Eyes: Less Salt, More Oranges

One of the most common causes of dark circles and bags under eyes, is excessive salt intake, which causes swelling.

Most fast food and food of convenience are overloaded with salt. Therefore, you may not even be aware that you eat too much of it.

Try to control your salt intake for a while and add more Vitamin C (oranges, green salads, pomegranates, sour apples, sauerkraut) to your diet.

Citrus fruits maintain the balance of electrolytes in the blood, and help remove excess fluid from the body.

Publishers Note: Daphne Kostova is a Holistic Nutritionist based in Toronto at Beaches Naturopathic Clinic. 

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