Here’s Why You Should Pick Organic Indie Beauty Brands

Over the past ten years, the beauty industry has changed dramatically, heading for trends such as cleaner manufacturing and inclusiveness. With the entry into the new decade, cosmetic companies began to focus not only on maintaining beauty, but also on the philosophy behind production. Many startups and indie brands have shot into the beauty space precisely because of the ideas behind the brand. In addition, companies support charity, monitor the quality and naturalness of ingredients, and also produce cosmetics with the least harm to animals and nature. Organic indie beauty brands are making their way to the front of the consumers choices as we all become educated on the benefits and safety.  Today, we tell you what trends await us in the coming 2020.

Independent Brands

There are simply beauty enthusiasts who create natural and organic products. For example, Drunk Elephant was coined by Tiffany Masterson, the mother of four children and our ClearLife brand, as our founder a previous fashion and beauty contributing editor and expert, wanted to build a brand that was an organic beauty brand that was safe for her and for the environment after learning of the level of toxins in mainstream brands. 

Keep in mind that large corporations buy such brands, and thus they cease to be independent. For example, Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, Kate Von D and Ole Henriksen work with the giant LVMH. Another large company, Estée Lauder, is buying out brands like The Ordinary and Too Faced. And these brands are NOT organic.

Individuality and personalization

In the field of make-up, it is becoming increasingly popular not to follow trends, but to show your personality. The point is to declare yourself without changing your appearance beyond recognition. In addition to inclusiveness, which implies a wide selection of colors and shades, cosmetic companies seek to develop personalized cosmetics. For example, there are companies that make foundation right at the client’s place, after learning all the details about his skin and its tone. And this is only the beginning of the journey – imagine, in a few years it will be possible to select various personalized cosmetics to create the perfect care and make-up. 

authentic beautyHealth and Environment

Non-toxic ingredients, environmentally friendly packaging and production without harming animals have been in fashion for years. However, this trend continues to gain momentum. More and more companies are using greener packaging and are trying to spend less water during production. Look for brands that have quality certificates such as Leaping Bunny or The Vegan Society. As well as those who collaborate with charitable organizations. This may include not only the skip-care mentioned above, but also such a trend as clean beauty (“pure beauty”). The main point of this trend is the use of safe, non-toxic cosmetics. Clean beauty implies that not all natural ingredients are healthy and not all synthetic ones are harmful.

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