Slow Beauty – Conscious Approaches To Buying Cosmetics

Slow beauty on a conscious approach to buying cosmetics

We hear a lot about slow fashion but what about slow beauty? It is becoming more main stream as we move into to more mindful living that this includes conscious approaches to buying cosmetics and personal care products.

The term appeared in Europe under the guise of slow food and was originally a kind of antipode of fast food, which at one time reflected the general tendency of speed of life. After all, when the lion’s share of information fell on people (with the advent of the Internet), they wanted to do more in their tiny 60 minutes – 24 hours – 365 days. But already in the 21st century such speed gained a negative tone: consumer society. Fortunately, at some point we realized that such a principle does not benefit either the body, mind, emotions, nor the environment. That is why many sharply wanted to slow down and stop the “white noise” around them.

What are the trends?

These trends are reflected in everything: from a thoughtful analysis of one’s own food (read – Conscious Consumption -How To!), soft approaches to active life (yoga, pilates, etc.) and ending with embracing products mindfully made with natural, safe ingredients products. Instead of lightning-fast results, we seek stability, harmony, an emotional response, increase the quality of life and the reality surrounding us by realizing inner desires and understanding,  first of  all, ourselves.

Slow beauty does not dictate strict rules, but leaves a lot to personal discretion and personal responsibility. There is no longer any need to run and buy everything, worrying that it will end, or in the euphoria that finally appeared around the globe. You just need to listen to yourself, your emotions, desires, and look at if ingredients are safe.

The basic principles of slow beauty are:

However, do not confuse slow beauty with smart beauty (literally – “smart beauty or clean beauty has accountability to the environment and the safety of the ingredients”): for the second movement, the environmental friendliness and natural ingredients matters regarding the concept of slow beauty.

By the way, it was slow beauty that gave rise to numerous followers who took on separate, so to speak, directions. Beauty bloggers who test almost everything on themselves to tell readers “the best”, thus warning against unnecessary purchases, eco-observers singing only ingredients of natural origin, and even new feminists promoting the adoption of natural beauty, full naturalness and lack of makeup, and then the movement of the body positive, which indicates the acceptance of your body and its features.

The main thing – do not forget to listen to your body, emotions and approach everything with a clear and conscious position.

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