Charlotte CarsonCLEARlife was born after years of world-class work as a fashion and beauty editor and expert by Charlotte, who brings a wealth of information and a desire to create a truly ethical safe brand that works amazingly well! With over 20 years of working as an accomplished editor and stylist on award-winning campaigns and editorials, Charlotte brings a broad range of knowledge, experience, and passion to CLEARlife.

Inspired by decades of beauty experience, CLEARlifes weekly blog shares Charlotte’s and other experts’ best advice to help you make cleaner beauty, body and mental health choices to live your best life.

Charlotte Carson
Style & Creative Director


Kate is an advertising and marketing professional with a specialty in art direction and branding. Dealing with acne and other skin issues for five years encouraged Kate to self-educate and experiment with various skincare products and learn what factors contribute to her skin’s health. She found it was a challenge to find clean products that would perform equally well compared to the luxury mass market. 

CLEARlife is a dream come true to me as its formula suits blemish-prone skin like mine, while hydrating, protecting skin’s youth. and is safe. Those are the ultimate skincare goals for me and I believe for most of us.”

Kate Ievsiukova
Creative Director



What Is CLEARlife?

An Organic Skincare Line & Publication
CLEARlife is an online destination for our organic skincare line, that is sustainable and ethically made. Our online publication provides a forum for authentic education on how to live a healthy and Eco-friendly lifestyle for the global community.

A Mission
Our mission is to provide our community with knowledge in areas of Eco Beauty & Style, Wellness & Leisure, Food & Recipes. We enhance the expertise of our readers through articles, by working with experienced professionals in their respective fields. We are the “go to” haven for cutting edge knowledge on Eco living.

A Lifestyle
Through ethically-made and eco-friendly product offerings, we provide the means for our supporters to embrace the CLEAR Living  Lifestyle. We carefully curate our products using an honest rating system in order to be transparent with our consumers about what they are purchasing.

What Do We Value?

Our Community
We are proudly Canadian. With each person that embraces the CLEAR Living lifestyle we believe the world will become a better place. We provide legendary customer service to our consumers every step of the way, so they feel truly a part of the #clearlifesquad

Our Honesty
CLEARlife’s key mandate is to bring trustworthy products to our consumers. Our brand is made with certified organic ingredients (no“green-washing” here)! We believe that by making these products accessible in an online location along with a platform for Eco living education, it is easier for the global community to embrace the CLEAR Living Lifestyle.