What Is ClearLife?

A Marketplace

ClearLife is an online marketplace filled with sustainable and ethically made products. Through education and honesty, we provide our global community with the ability to live a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle.

A Mission

Our mission is to provide our community with knowledge in areas of Wellness, Beauty, Fashion, Food, Home Decor, and the Environment. We enhance the expertise of our readers through daily articles. We work with experienced professionals in their respective fields in order to bring trustworthy information. We are the place for cutting edge knowledge on living green.

A Lifestyle

Through ethically-made and eco-friendly product offerings we provide the means for our supporters to embrace the Clear Living Lifestyle. We carefully curate our products using an honest rating system in order to be transparent with our consumers about what they are purchasing.

What Do We Value?

Our Community

We are a proudly Canadian company with a  plan to reach global influence. With each person that embraces the Clear Living lifestyle we believe the world will become a better place. We want to provide legendary customer service to our consumers every step of the way, so they feel like they are truly a part of our ClearLife mission.

Our Honesty

ClearLife’s key mandate is to bring authentic products to our consumers. We want to work with honest clients who never “green-wash” their brands. We believe that by making these products accessible in one online location, it will be easier for people to embrace the Clear Living Lifestyle.