How to Create an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

By Charlotte Carson

eco-friendly bathroom

With climate change chasing us like a wanted animal, going green is not an option but a crucial must do. So how do we approach this?  Most of us are already doing the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle), but we can also gradually convert our homes into complete eco spaces, so let’s start small with an eco-friendly bathroom.

We are at a time where going green means more than just recycling plastics. There are plenty of ideas out there from creating a sustainable home with eco friendly products to help us lower our carbon foot print and help do our part to save the planet. And lots of them do not have to be drastic changes, you can start with the small things like our working towards a eco-friendly bathroom with personal products and accessories.

Companies use compostable paper for packaging are great to keep a keen eye on. These hold some more exciting features like water resistance, naturally anti-microbial, individually numbered, ergonomic handle and much more.

Let’s start with some of the simple things to change.

Grooming Accessories

Did you know that you can get bamboo toothbrushes, hair brushes, combs, organic q-tips, and all your other personal care products made with eco friendly materials. Remember plastic tooth brushes are the second highest plastics washed up by the sea next to plastic water bottles.necessities for an eco-friendly bathroom

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Packing serums or bar soaps to go? A great solution is wrap them in bees wax wraps or bags and pop them in your pouch to avoid a mess and plastic! That way you can buy bottles in glass, or soap bars and travel with ease. .

Some brands you may like:

Face, nail , shaving body brushes, and beard combs all at  HANTVERK toothbrushes; THE GREEN ROOT,  BRUSH WITH BAMBOO, and BRUSH EARTH; toothbrush covers, LOVERS OF THE SEA; kit that includes, toothbrushes, straws, bamboo tips, etc LOVERS OF THE SEA; hair brush & comb set; EARTH DAUGHTERS makeup brushes, ECO BEAUTY TOOLS; most grooming products, KIN FOLK SHOPSeco floss; activated coal floss, DR. TUNG’S & silk green tea jasmine organic floss, RADIUS organic bamboo fibre with activated charcoal floss in glass jar with tea tree & peppermint oils, LUCKY TEETH ;  bees wax wraps, DAN LE SAC ;   double headed bamboo buds, ECO BRUSH EARTH; beauty in glass bottles, CLEARlife

cloth wipes for an eco-friendly bathroom

Cleaning Products 

Cleaning the house is good for the spirit, but it’s not always good for the environment. That’s because many of today’s cleaning products contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which, when inhaled or touched, can harm you and your family.

beautiful eco-friendly bathrooms

Some brands you might like:


Personal Care

Soaps for hair, including shampoo and conditioner and body wash eliminate 3 plastic bottles in one go. And remember these are great for travel or the gym too – just let them dry and wrap them in a bees wax bag or sheet and off you go. And the cleaning agents can be narrowed down to one item that does it all by using one all purpose cleaner.

Maegan Ortiz from IDEPSCA underscores environmental” law is not just about labels; it’s about dignity,” Ortiz said. “Dignity is more than just good wages or a good employer. It’s about having a healthy environment-and part of that is knowing what ingredients are in the cleaning products you use.”

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skincare in glass bottles, Renew, CLEARlife


laundry bags for an eco-friendly bathroom

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An eco-friendly bathroom can also be design savvy with natural woven laundry and storage baskets for towels. This  can bringing a gorgeous accent to the room and are visually appealing. These can also be parred with other accessories to create a colour accent for the room, while also being eco.

Some brands you may like:

Laundry baskets, THE DARMA DOOR;  NKUKU; STYLE ME PRETTY; SERENA & LILLY;  towels & bathrobes: HILANA  towels: FENDRIHAN BED BATH & BEYOND  COYUCHI; bath mats: POTTERY BARN bathrobes; COYUCHI

To help ensure every decision and choice that is made is for the good of our planet, some of the cleaning product suggestions below come in reusable and multi-function systems and packaging is minimalist, and made with paper that is 100% recycled and recyclable.

Some brands you may like:

Marino wool dryer balls; KIN FOLK SHOP and DANS LA SAC;  COYUCHI laundry soap: WATERLILLIES   and  COMMON GOODS & CO all purpose cleaner, JR WATKINS laundry & all purpose cleaner; MRS. MEYERS and ECOVER 

Bathroom Accessories

Finding natural material accessories you can go all out or find nice solutions without the price tag. Natural wood spoons, organic cotton sacks for product storage, ceramic stone or wood bowls, and even quart and stone bathroom accessory sets can replace everything made with plastics or non organic materials.

accessories for an eco-friendly bathroom



Creating an eco-friendly bathroom is easier and much more chic than imagined.