How To Avoid Puffy Eyes & Crow’s Feet During Quarantine

How to avoid puffy eyes

How do we avoid puffy eyes while self isolating?

Caught in isolation, many exhaled: finally, the skin will rest from cosmetics, and gassed air. And from the daily beauty rituals, only the standard ones were left: cleansing and moisturizing. However, dermatologists advise not to relax.

Due to working heating systems and occasional ventilation, the air in the room becomes excessively dry, bacteria accumulate in it. Plus a shortage of sunlight, frequent snacks of sandwiches and sweets, a minimum of physical exertion, stagnation of blood and lymph. It definitely won’t benefit our skin. And especially the area around the eyes can be affected.

How to return from quarantine without bags & new wrinkles?

According to Victoria Chambere, cosmetologist-aesthetist  “The skin in the eye area requires special attention and an approach to the selection of daily care products and procedures. It is around the eyes that the first wrinkles appear, which is directly related to the structural features of the epidermis in this zone. Now it is especially important to pay due attention to the quality of cosmetics and skincare aimed at maintaining the normal functioning of the skin.

In conditions of self-isolation, we are forced to sit at home, the skin suffers from exposure to dry air due to heating, the attack of free radicals formed due to nervous tension, stress. A metabolic disorder that can occur due to a lack of physical activity also adversely affects the condition of the skin. Working “at a distance” at the computer loads the eye muscles, including the circular muscle. As a result, hypertonicity appears, the familiar “crow’s feet” are formed.”

How to avoid puffy eyes and have great skin
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For prevention, it is worth following some recommendations:

  • Daily, morning and evening, cleanse the skin around the eyes using separate special products that do not contain dyes and fragrances that do not irritate the eyes;
  • Twice a day, with light massaging movements from the inner to the outer corners of the eyes, apply the main care cream, selected taking into account age, a tendency to allergic reactions and hypersensitivity reactions. It is better to choose products (creams, gels, etc.) that contain plant antioxidants (green tea extract, for example), vitamins B, and E carotenoids (B-carotene, lycopene), coenzyme Q10, allantoin.

In addition, it is worth using ampoule concentrates, serums, emulsions containing hyaluronic acid, collagen, elastin, aloe extract, glycerol. They are best applied under the main cream once a day for 14 days.

With prolonged visual load, massage the circular muscle using stroking and staccotto – “finger shower”. Alginate masks also effectively relax this area. Well, of course, do not neglect gymnastics for the face.