Hidden Chemicals: Siloxane

The True Cost of Silky Smooth Hair

Siloxanes are silicone based compounds that are often used to cosmetics for the purposes of softening, smoothing and moistening.  They typically make hair products dry faster, and deodorants glide on smoothly. Silicone based compounds are often used in moisturizers and facial treatments.  


  • hair care products
  • deodorant & antiperspirant
  • body and face lotions


Cyclotetrasiloxane, cyclopentasiloxane.


Bioaccumulation: Environment Canada has concluded that cyclotetrasiloxane and  cyclopentasiloxane are toxic, persistent, and have the potential to bioaccumulate in aquatic organisms (1)(2).

Endocrine Disruptor:  The EU classifies cyclotetrasiloxane as an endocrine disruptor as studies show it interferes with hormone function (3) and may impair human fertility (4).

Tumours:  cyclopentasiloxane has been shown to cause uterine tumours

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