Hidden Chemicals: Siloxane

The True Cost of Silky Smooth Hair

Photos By Colin Guadett


Siloxane is a compound in cosmetics for the purposes of softening, smoothing and moistening. They typically make hair products dry faster, and deodorants glide on smoothly. Silicone compounds are inside moisturizers and facial treatments.  

Found in:

  • hair care products
  • deodorant & antiperspirant
  • body and face lotions

What to look for:

Cyclotetrasiloxane, cyclopentasiloxane.

Risks of Siloxane

Bioaccumulation: Environment Canada has concluded that cyclotetrasiloxane and  cyclopentasiloxane are toxic, persistent, and have the potential to bioaccumulate in aquatic organisms.

Endocrine Disruptor:  The EU classifies cyclotetrasiloxane as an endocrine disruptor as studies show it interferes with hormone function and may impair human fertility.

Tumours:  cyclopentasiloxane has been shown to cause uterine tumours.

This is What You Should Do Instead:

First, using certified organic products is the best choice to reduce your toxic load. Organic products can provide all the benefits of their conventional counterparts – without the side effects.

Furthermore, a switch from synthetic to natural products can be the best decision you can make. Likewise, a shampoo product containing siloxane may leave your hair with less shine and smoothness. At the same time, if the plastic coating is no longer present in the bottle, the real texture of your hair will be revealed.

Give your hair time to be nourished by your new shampoo and for the natural ingredients to get working. After a few weeks the true texture of your hair should be softer, smoother and genuinely healthier!

Moreover, organic products are a better choice for your health and the rest of the planet. Initially, it encourages brands to use healthier ingredients.

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Avoid Siloxane in Your Hair Products