How Our System Stands Apart

Nowadays, with so many companies “green-washing” their products with misinformation to present an environmentally responsible image, we want to be honest. Our CLEARlife rating system is completely candid so that you know exactly what you are getting. From fair trade to organic to Non-GMO, every product is easily identified with simple graphics to keep you fully informed.


Certified organic ingredients guaranteed to be grown without chemical pesticides, insecticides, synthetic fertilizers, hormones, or genetically modified organisms.  As we are working with smaller, artisan suppliers, an organic recognition will be given to those suppliers who use organic practice and are on their way to certification.


A vegan rating means this product was made without the use of animal products or by-products. Not limited to food, this label means that no animals were involved in the making of this product. Veganism is environmentally sustainable as many industrial farming methods are extremely detrimental to the environment.

    Fair Trade

Fair trade is a strategy for poverty alleviation and sustainable development, aiming at creating greater equity in the international trading system. Products with this rating are responsibly sourced with fair profits being provided to the creator. We believe in fair trade and / or ethical sourcing so that we can elevate equality across our planet.


This verification means the product has gone through rigorous inspection to minimize the risk of GMO contamination. By seeking local and organic products, we have even higher assurance that these products are not related to GMOs. In relation to our environment, GMOs have hindered many species such as bees and butterflies that are integral pollinators. By embracing non-GMO we can lessen the impact that GMOs are having on our environment and society.

    Not Tested On Animals

The company does not conduct, commission, or be party to any animal testing of the product. We care about all creatures who share our planet and wish to ensure they live their lives without harm or hinderance.


This label represents that the product does not contain any gluten. This encompasses gluten protein, modified gluten protein, and any gluten protein fraction, from wheat, oats, barley, rye, triticale or their hybridized strains. So many people avoid gluten for health or personal reasons that we feel gluten-free products should be easily available and identifiable.

    Locally Sourced

The ingredients used in this product are sourced from within 100 miles radius to where the product is produced. Shopping local is great for community growth by supporting local business.


This product is made without the use of parabens. We do not endorse products with chemicals that can be potentially harmful to our bodies. Staying all natural is a great way to keep your health at the forefront.

Our rating system is created for education and transparency for you. You deserve to feel positive knowing your products are safe.

Ingredients To Avoid

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