CLEARlife Pro Testimonials

At CLEARlife we value pro testimonials from leaders in the industry who value clean beauty and have worked with most brands in the world.  Their input is gold to us and our consumers.

Diana Carreiro

Make-up & Hair Artist, Toronto 

“CLEARlife ticks all the boxes for me… cruelty-free, clean beauty that’s Canadian made.  You know it’s good when I’ve stocked it in both my professional kit AND my personal beauty kits!” 

With over thirty years of experience, Diana is one of the most highly regarded experts of the beauty and fashion industry, having contributed to editorials for Vanity Fair, Dutch Marie Claire, Vogue Spain, and Cosmopolitan España. She is a regular contributor to beauty columns for Cosmopolitan, Hello, FLARE, Fashion, and Elle.

Clearlife pro testimonials on clean beauty lines

Robert Weir

Make-up & hair artist, Toronto

“I was first introduced to  CLEARlife by founder, Charlotte Carson. The product is great for hydrating the skin. It definitely comes in handy on set or on the red carpet. It gives a beautiful glow to the skin that still looks natural and doesn’t rub off on clothes.”

Roberts’ work has graced the pages of Vogue Arabia, In Style, Vman, Purple Magazine, Fashion Magazine, and The Globe and Mail.  He is also the former beauty editor of Plaid Magazine. Robert’s clients range from international singing icons Nelly Furtado and Saint Vincent, athlete Tessa Virtue  to the most powerful woman in fashion – Anna Wintour. He also counts the exclusive Toronto salons LAC and Co, and  Medulla and Co  as his partners.

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Win Kuplowsky

Top Canadian model 

“CLEARlife has been my preferred brand since it’s launch in 2019. My skincare was historically a big name brand, but with growing awareness of the health benefits of switching to a green brand, I made the switch to CLEARlife. Charlotte Carson, the founder of the brand, is a well-known beauty and fashion editor and Canadian – and I wanted to support a female and local. It works amazingly helping ensure my skin is flawless for shoots.  Another bonus I love is the brand philosophy prides itself on sustainability and beauty all in one. I don’t generally give pro testimonials but this brand is special” 

clearlife pro testimonials on clean beauty