The Glowing Face, Part 5

Oils: The Science of Nature

Photos By Hill Peppard

make-up, David Allan Jones

girl with body oil

Will it make me break out?!  Do I really need this?

No, using appropriate oils on your face will not make you break out.  In fact, just the opposite. Augmenting your skin care routine with good quality oils will give you that youthful glow. The concentrated oils are quickly absorbed into your skin, making them an effective treatment. Most oils are packed with antioxidants and omegas. Face oils return elasticity to your skin, help to smooth out wrinkles and soothe irritated areas. 

TIP: oils are great for healing scar tissue!

How To Use It:

As a final step, after moisturizing (because you’ve already cleansed and toned first, right?!), gently pat 3-4 drops of your chosen oil onto your face, avoiding the T-zone. Gently, very gently, massage in.