The Glowing Face, Part 2

Toner: It’s not the 90’s Anymore

Photos By Hill Peppard

make-up, David Allan Jones

girl spraying face toner

We all used alcohol based toner and astringent in the 90’s, swabbing the stuff across our acne-prone faces, hoping for a miracle.  In actuality, those toners were incredibly drying, and not all that great for your face. These days, toners are a much more considered affair.  They look like water, but are full of active ingredients to help you achieve a glowing complexion. At the heart of it, toner is a quickly absorbed liquid that delivers hydration and helps remove some dead cells off the skin’s surface.  This crucial step prepares your face for the rest of the skin care routine.

How To Use It:

First, clean your skin with an enzyme based cleanser,  such as Double Happiness Face Oil Cleanserto remove any dirt and grease from your skin.  Gently wipe a toner-saturated cotton pad or pre-moistened toner pad over your still-damp face.  For optimal results, use within a minute of cleansing, while your face is still damp. Follow up with a high quality serum, moisturizer, and (optional) oil.