Get That Healthy Glow With Almost No Makeup

By Charlotte Carson

Photos By Chris Haylett

If you are going to use highlighters to get a little shimmer when layered on the skin, and create a lustrous effect, organic brands are generally lighter in touch, so it looks more natural. Here we are going to arm your with all the tips to bump up your healthy glow.

If you are looking to add a subtle dewiness that has the vibe of the afterglow of a bike ride or yoga session — sheer water-based tints and light-reflecting creams, made with hydrating organic ingredients and only a hint of shimmer, offer a subtler way to illuminate the skin.

Here, a guide to achieving a beautiful, minimal-makeup glow.

Create a Smooth Surface

A good exfoliation routine eliminates dullness so that skin naturally reflects light. For the face, once a month, try GOOP ($175 CAD), Exfoliating Instant Facial. The powerful blend relies on natural alpha and beta hydroxy acids, plus plant-based cellulose beads to slough off dull skin cells in just three minutes. Or, if you don’t want to blow the bank, and get the exact same results, CLEARlife Advanced Purifying Exfoliant. Our founder’s  exfoliation routine is 3-4 times a week, followed by masking and lots of oil, serum and hydrating creams to have almost perfect skin.  For the full body, CLEARlife Mocha Sugar Scrub is divine and  packed with certified organic ingredients such as coconut oil shea, and vitamin E. With the Mocha scrub, your body is finished with a soft layer of oil after exfoliation, so no need for another layer of cream.  For the face CLEARlife Serum (good for both day and night) ($65 CAD)  is packed with super foods for the face such as plant based hyaluronic acid, witch hazel, retinol, and loads of natural oils. Then finish up with a layer of CLEARlife Everyday Moisturizer, packed with plant based hyaluronic acid, organic aloe, and organic sunflower oil, and your skin will be glowing.

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Switch out Foundation for Tinted Gels

Heavy cover-up is out, the new look is to use water-based tinted gels — such as Ilia, Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturizer($54 CAD), which evens out your tone, but allows your natural skin to shine through. Put a bit on the back of your hand, dab on, and then work from the centre of the face outward for full coverage. Or, pump your foundation with a drop of face oil if your skin is very dry, to dilute the formula for a more transparent effect on the skin.

Treat Specific Areas

To minimize puffiness without makeup, massage around the eyes with an ice cube. From there, you can tap on a concealer sparingly with a sponge tip applicator so you can target specific areas. A dab in the inner corners of the eyes also helps brighten the entire face.

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Add a Splash of Flush

Be cognizant that your makeup is well-applied to enhance your normal complexion. A balm on the top of the cheeks, under the brows, the bridge of your nose in places where the sun would normally hit, brightens and gives you that natural glow. Tata Harper’s, Volumizing Lip And Cheek Tint ($49 CAD), and Rituel De Fille, Inner Glow Creme Pigment both come in a range of soft colours. For a clean subtle shine ClearLife, Glamour Glow ($39 CAD) is a great highlighter and combines antioxidant-rich jojoba oil, shea butter, avocado and grape seed oil. Perfect to get that healthy glow.

Finish With a Mist

Instead of reapplying makeup, for a boost during the day a few spritzes should restore your glow. Try Suti Skincare, Peppermint Water Organic Spritzer (44.36 CAD)

You are all set now to go get that healthy glow.