You Will Love These 5 Ethical Fashion Brands

By Charlotte Carson

If you are not into ethical living you are most likely not reading this. So I don’t need to tell you what ethical fashion is. Or do I? As Megan Markle commented when she spoke at the British Fashion Awards, 2019 is the year where it’s “cool to be kind” and its timely that around the world ethical living, including design is on the rise. It isn’t becoming apparent, it is a fact that fast fashion is destroying the planet.

Designing, sourcing, and the production of clothing that is done in a way that is minimizing damages to the environment and the health of our communities is critical.

What are some of the key factors that would be considered ethical fashion:

  • Defending fair trade and wages, and ethical working environments
  • Avoiding materials that using toxic pesticides and chemicals, instead using organic, eco materials
  • Minimizing water use
  • Recycling and addressing energy efficiency and waste
  • A corporate agenda that involves a sustainability plan from conception to the end of product cycle and life
  • Protecting environmental, human and animal rights

Scroll down for some brands that are stylish and sustainable…… are going to love.

Noumenon founded by Dena Simaite, believes that fashion aesthetics are more compelling when executed with a conscious that puts ethics and cruelty-free practices first. The collection exists of linen, organic cotton, cupro and Tencel (recycled wood-pulp), and thoughtfully also utilizes innovative recycled fabrics.

Noumenon uses eco-friendly ink for the prints, along with brand labels made from recycled cotton and the tags of recycled paper. And if you are lucky enough to live in Amsterdam your order will be delivered in a recycled package by the 100% electric company car BIRO.

Peggy Sue Collection

Peggy Sue Collection is made with meticulous workmanship achieving excellence in design and function, while also attempting to improve the quality of the social and global environment where materials are garnered from.

All of Peggy’s textiles begins as raw fibre sourced from a North American farm, spun in a North American mill and woven, knit or felted by a North American artisan. The cottons are American organic or up-cycled denim. The wools are Canadian, made in Toronto, the brands home base.

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New York based Siizu’s  designs are made with soft, high quality, eco-friendly materials sourced from Mongolia and Suzhou. This stunning line ships all products out in recyclable packaging and sells only online, dedicated to reducing both waste and their carbon footprint. Siizu, an avid corporate environmental leader, donates generously to assist American Forests to protect crucial wild life habitat.


New York based Naadam is known for their mandate to produce materials that use hand-combed cashmere (which is better for the goats) for ethical production, fair treatment of herders, and veterinary support and care for the goats. The brand is Cradle to Cradle certified to which ensures the safest practices for the production process, material and animals. The high standards for production are worthy but also is that their work supports nomadic herding families in Mongolia. The line is sold only online and direct to customers to reduce their carbon footprint and the cost of getting luxury items to consumers.

goas u.r., the newly launched Belgian women’s fashion line goas u.r. is not just a pretty face. With beautiful linear, dynamic silhouettes they have taken it up a notch with a brand story that is committed to social, corporate and environmentally responsible practices. This thoughtful brand leads by example with an emphasis on low-impact materials, sustainable production practices, using natural, recycled or regenerated fibres manufactured from discarded nylon such as sea fishing nets, and uses Öko-Tex® certified dyes or GOTS that are water-friendly and do not contain any metal or toxic elements.

And who said ethical fashion can’t be stylish!

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