Eco Travel Retreat – Willka Tika In Peru

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How Eco Travel Impacts Mother Earth 

The Willka T’ika retreat is a 5-star eco travel hotel with breathtaking views and outdoor activities. What makes this retreat unique is the cultural and ancient influence of the artwork, architecture, furniture, and food from their self-grown gardens. Willka T’ika is a fun and sustainable retreat to explore nature’s beauty and heal your body.

Between the Sacred Valleys of Peru, the eco travel retreat allows travelers to explore ancient temples, and ceremonial sites as well as the opportunity to explore different cultures. At an altitude above 10,000 feet, this retreat is surrounded by gardens and rainforest. The Willka T’ika retreat offers a wide range of outdoor activities and ancient healing methods from herbs to crystals and rituals for inner cleansing. Wilko Tikka offers many types of packages for either an all-inclusive trip or a self-picked journey or a group journey to try new hobbies, learn more about your body and mind, and much more. 

At Wilka Tikka each individual can customize their stay by either choosing to attend the bar, have a party, lounge at the cafe, or choose a healing programme for emotional and spiritual guidance in a luxurious, green, and natural space.  

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The Willka T’ika retreat is constructed out of natural materials and is maintained by local staff. One of their commonly-used materials is adobe which is energy efficient and balances the temperature throughout the rooms. The hotel uses solar energy and water irrigation systems which are stored for heating and multiple usages. Moreover, the retreat has a self-filtration system and methods of watering its gardens. 

Another sustainable practice by the retreat is the use of their self-grown and organic agriculture to promote healthy living. By further using composting systems and recycling, the retreat has managed to use scraps of metal, and glass alongside other materials into new structures or send these materials to recycling trades to help small villages. This sustainable retreat uses renewable energy throughout from facilities, to cuisine, appliances, and furniture. 

Social Impact

By conserving nature, Wilka T’ika has also been able to conserve indigenous and ancient practices from the Peru land. With a wide range of rituals and remedies, this retreat allows you to be apart of the Queacha communities and create a new sustainable lifestyle. Willka T’ika also contributes to local communities to conserve culture and promote unity by funding The Child’s Fund which is an organization that supports Quechua children from rural areas to take part in virtual and in-person learning to seek new opportunities. Moreover, preserving the wildlife and streams, as well as their resources allows the retreat to be more mindful and truly enjoy the beauty of Peru’s forests.

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Willka T’ika offers new experiences to enjoy with family, friends, or even by yourself to truly reconnect with your inner adventurous self. Anything from physical activity, to leisure and wellness this location is an opportunity for healing and adventures all in one! 

  • Ceremonies
  • Hiking 
  • Biking
  • Bus/train tour 
  • Local market shops
  • Guided tours of 7 chakra garden
  • Seminario pottery studio
  • Alpaca factory store
  • Maras salt farms
  • Andean musical performances a tonight 
  • Visiting local villages 
  • Workshops
  • Meditation/Yoga
  • Dance classes
  • Art classes
  • Horseback Riding 
  • Banquet rooms
  • And more!

From exploring through the chupulla ruins, and hiking on Machu Picchu Mountain the local villages and markets to the outdoor solar baths or facials, this retreat promotes sustainability within and around you for a lifestyle change. By enhancing your 7 inner chakras this retreat offers fun and relaxing activities to get your mind and body moving. 

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Healthy eating is one of the important values to start your day. By growing organic and local foods, the retreats offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner! One of their most popular food items is their freshly baked bread made from Andean grains and sliced fruit from the Pichu Pichu area and their freshly harvested vegetables. 

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