Perfect Skin Texture – How To Get It In A Few Steps!

how to get perfect skin texture

What is skin texture?

The skin’s surface condition and can vary based on skin treatment, skin conditions, lifestyle, and product usage. There are many different types of skin textures. Skin textures can be caused by dryness, dead skin, pollution exposure, nutrition, and UV ray exposure. Face texture also changes due to acne, scarring, excessive-oil production, injuries, skin imbalances, lack of exfoliation, and dehydration. Texture is a key component in understanding your skin type, and how your skin works and can change due to environmental stressors. Did you know facial skin is also connected to nerves which connect to muscles that help you react to temperature or pain? This goes to show how your skin can drastically change due to minor or major changes. 

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How to treat skin texture

While balancing skin there are many ways individuals can improve their skin care. For instance, applying oils, exfoliating, increasing collagen levels, micro-needling or laser, adding vitamin C to your routine, and hydrating face masks. Other ways of curing skin texture include exercise, the right amount of nutrition, and keeping your skin moisturized. Another way to improve texture is by adding sunscreen, exercising, adding moisture, and using soothing creams. 

Some key ingredients that can smooth skin 

  • Plant-based hyaluronic acid
    • Smoothes the skin
  • Evening primrose seed oil
    • Contains vitamin B6 which helps with amino-acid metabolism and plumps the skin
    • Helps skin elasticity and roughness
  • Retinol
    • promotes cell regeneration 
    • Increases collagen production  
    • Helps improve tone 
    • Reduce lines and wrinkles  

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