Calm On The Go

In a world oversaturated with technology and cell phones, it is ironic to find an app that actually helps you de-stress.

By Erica Commisso

girl walking

If you are going full tilt, here are some great apps to explore using to incorporate some routines into your daily lifestyle to keep you calm on the go.


This app gives you several meditation options to choose the way the experience goes. You can choose between seven and 13 minute guided meditations, have the option between music and nature sounds, and can read helpful instructions on either the app or the website. They also have a podcast, CDs or MP3s, a blog, and access to meditation professionals.


This app can reduce the most anxious of thoughts through 30 minutes of relaxing audio. The sounds can be used to induce sleep, but there is also an “awaken at end” setting that sets an alarm upon completion. Whether you want to calm your mind for sleep or for de-stressing, this app can guide you to a serene place.


This app comes highly recommended by the New York Times and actress Emma Watson. It teaches you meditation and mindfulness techniques in only 10 minutes a day, so it fits right into a busy, on-the-go lifestyle. It has free courses, but also offers additional courses to be purchased through the app.


For those who fancy themselves musicians, this app is the perfect combination of creativity and stress release. It allows users to create their own relaxing melodies using nature sounds and music, and gives you the option to time them and save your favourites.

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