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Can’t decide what gift would be an absolute success or don’t know the person well enough?  Then ClearLife Gift Certificate should be your choice!

Just pick the amount you want to deposit, fill out the billing and payment information and receive the gift card code your friend can use at checkout! Note: The Gift Card balance does not have to cover the total purchase amount. Can be used as a discount code for the amount deposited.

ClearLife Skincare was born of the desire to find a product that was safe to use and effective. Between hair care, skin care and make up, the average person is exposed to over 300 different chemicals daily, many of them known health hazards. When trying non toxic or natural products, many consumers feel the products don’t actually work. We wanted to create a skincare line that redefines green beauty, both in safety and efficacy.

The ClearLife Skincare line harnesses the power of plants, and is free of carcinogenic toxins, rendering it both safe and effective.


Clear Life Inc is committed to the highest level of customer care.  If you are not happy with a purchase made through our marketplace, please contact us directly at


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