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CLEARlife natural skincare was born of the desire to find a product that was safe to use and effective. Between hair care, skin care and make up, the average person is exposed to over 300 different chemicals daily, many of them known health hazards. When trying non toxic or natural products, many consumers feel the products don’t actually work.

We wanted to create a natural skincare line that redefines green beauty, both in safety and efficacy.

The CLEARlife skincare line harnesses the power of plants, and is free of carcinogenic toxins, rendering it both safe and effective.



Our Promise To 

The Planet & People


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The mission of our fellowship is to make an impact and global changes for women and Mother Earth.

1 Product for 1 Bought: For every CLEARlife Beauty product you purchase, we donate an equivalent product to women who are transitioning from domestic violence situations and scarcity

How You Can Help 🎁

Shop with Purpose: Explore our Clearlife Beauty collection and make your purchase.

Spread the Word: Share our mission with your friends and family. The more people who support CLEARlife Beauty, the greater the impact we can make.

Get Involved: If you’re passionate about empowering women and giving back, consider volunteering with organizations that support domestic violence survivors. Your time and effort can make a difference too.

“I believe in supporting women & environmental change, where through both action and donations our CLEARgiving Fellowship mission is to make an impact and global changes.”

Charlotte Carson, founder


Star Product

RENEW 03 Brightening Retinol Serum

Natural ingredients are naturally nourishing! Plant-based Hyaluronic Acid protects your skin’s natural moisture barrier while Retinol reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles so you can wake up with real results.

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Our Story

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What Do We Value?

We are a proudly Canadian company with a plan to reach global influence. With each person that embraces the CLEAR Living lifestyle we believe the world will become a better place.

What Is CLEARlife?

CLEARlife is a natural skincare brand for the times we live in. Through our education and transparency, we provide our global community with the ability to live a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle.

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Read More About CLEARlife

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