Nature Inspired Fashion With An Alluring Edge!

By Charlotte Carson

Traces Of Me, a remarkably striking nature inspired fashion brand, based in Portugal, is profoundly exhilarating in both philosophy and composition.

According to Teresa Martins, the creative director of Traces Of Me, their designs are simply “an ode to the freedom of being”. Martins remarks that ” less ethical “fast fashion”, where money other than passion drives creativity while suppressing our consciousness and leading to void consumerism, the exploitation of workers and the shattering of our planet” is what inspires her to work differently.

After thoughtfully reviewing the brand story and the luxuriously detailed silhouettes, it’s alarmingly moving to examine fashion to this level of artistry and simultaneously witness their almost instinctively, ostensible approach to obtain a low impact on the planet.


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The brand captivates the modern collective consciousness seeking a shift towards Eco design, where there is a slower paced movement, where people have greater appreciation for quality, see value in traditional handcrafted production and thought towards the environment and dignity towards the crafts makers behind the final product. Transparency in production and respect for fair trade standards guides this design house. Their philosophy is to have a positive impact towards a more sustainable fashion industry, and is woven in every step of their process.

Each design has almost an unveiling of a story and meaning behind it. Like any original or great art the perfect imperfections of the hand crafted textiles and colourful patterns enhanced with delicate embroideries move the story of each item.

The designs are made from natural fibre fabrics, designed by a Portuguese team and materialized by makers in India, Portugal and Nepal, derivative of the artistic masters of ancient textile techniques.  Martins echos that “multicultural influences stimulate our creativity and feed our desire to be different and exclusive. By bringing together the most traditional and technologically advanced ways of printing and dying textiles, we guarantee the high quality of our fabrics while creating magic..”

And that she is doing with astonishing eminence!

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