Reuse Your Egg Shells

Mother Nature's perfect design keeps on giving, even after it's cracked. So many ways to use eggshells!

Photos By Rachael Gorjestani

  1. For Seedlings: Use the leftover shells to plant seedlings (if you have a plastic egg container, you can use that to hold your eggshells for the seedlings). Once your seedling is ready to plant in the garden, simply squish the shell and plant. The eggshell will break down and adds so many nutrients to the soil around the plant.
  2. For Your Houseplants: Place broken shells at the bottom of planters instead of rocks. This will help drain the soil, allows air flow and give nutrients to your plants.
  3. For Your Garden: Loosely break egg shells, and put in your garden bed. Not only will these shells give nutrients to your soil, but it will deter cats from using your flower beds, and keeps slugs, grubs and other creatures from invading your garden space. It will be uncomfortable for them to cross.
  4. For Cleaning: Take a small amount and put into your reusable water bottles and hard to clean items. Add water and soap, shake and everything will come clean. The eggshells make an excellent abrasive cleaner.
  5. For Your Laundry: Toss some in a fine mesh bag and add to your white laundry. They will help keep your clothes white.
  6. For Fun! Make homemade sidewalk chalk by combining 5 egg shells, 1 tbsp flour, 1 tsp hot water and the food colouring of your choice. Form into the shape of a stick of chalk and let dry for 3 days on a rack. Voilà!