Tailored Overcoat

Peggy Sue Collection



This beautiful organic denim jacket, like all of Peggy Sue’s line are made with textiles that begin as raw fiber sourced from a ecological, local North American Farm.  The natural denim designs are local american organic made material, created locally in Toronto, Canada.

With the intent to ask can fashion act as a mechanism that improves the lives, the lands and the animals and be a by-product of it.  With the goal to know that, is what fashion is. It is a by-product that acts as real evidence of the health and well-being of our world globally.

The ethical fashion movement objective is to build a responsible design industry that is aware of its impact. With a goal in mind to connect talented artisans in hopes of changing the global fashion industry’s approach to making more sustainable products. We believe in a responsible design industry, where workers earn a living wage, are offered dignified working conditions and minimises impact on the environment.

We take sustainability seriously. All  fibers from thread, dyes, and 100% eco-friendly with the environment and your health in mind.

Clear Life and Peggy Sue value the protection of ancient and endangered forests, including Canada’s coastal temperate rainforests and Boreal Forest, as well as the tropical forests of Indonesia and the Amazon. As brands we are committed to not using illegally logged fibres, fibres from endangered species habitat or endangered forests, or other controversial sources in our fabrics.

Peggy’s brand fits our Clear Life goals of ethical, sustainable, slow fashion. Created with a love of natural, clean living.

The Peggy Sue Collection is a line of ethically and sustainably made fashion pieces. With the mandate that fashion can act as an instrument to improve the lives of the people and animals that is a by-product of, Peggy Sue set out to invent her sustainable fashion line. It is honest, mindfully made, and ecologically friendly.

The textiles begin as raw fibres derived from a North American Farm, spun in a North American Mill and is finally felted, knit, or woven woven by a North American Artisan. All Peggy Sue cottons are certified American Organic or up-cycled denim. The wools are solely Canadian with all garments made locally in Toronto, Canada.

SHIPPING: Free in North America

As each piece is custom made to order, no returns shall be accepted.


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