Renew Essential Collection




Explore the Renew Collection with a curated collection of our essentials.  Start your skincare with a simple 2 in 1 make up remover and cleanser.  Follow up with either the Every Day Moisturizer or the Restorative Night Cream.


  • Gentle Cleansing Milk, 3.3oz
  • Every Day Moisturizer, 2oz
  • Restorative Night Cream, 2oz

Gentle Cleansing Milk:  Remove makeup and cleanse in one simple step. Uncover your natural skin with gentle plant-based ingredients. Coconut, sweet almond, safflower and apricot oils clean for a fresh morning and a fortifying night. Ditch the hours long skin-care routine, and savour your sweet, sweet time. You deserve it.

Every Day Moisturizer:  When your skin speaks, listen up!  Hard water, harsh cleansing, and hectic environments can leave your skin dried and fried. Natural ingredients lend a light feel on your skin so the only thing weighing on you is getting to yoga class on time.

Restorative Night Cream: This advanced formula protects your skin’s natural moisture barrier from the battle with everyday elements. Use the power of anti-oxidizing Sunflower and Jojoba oils with Retinol to banish wrinkles and guard your skin while you dream sweet dreams.

Value: $205

ClearLife Skincare was born of the desire to find a product that was safe to use and effective. Between hair care, skin care and make up, the average person is exposed to over 300 different chemicals daily, many of them known health hazards. When trying non toxic or natural products, many consumers feel the products don’t actually work. We wanted to create a skincare line that redefines green beauty, both in safety and efficacy.

The ClearLife Skincare line harnesses the power of plants, and is free of carcinogenic toxins, rendering it both safe and effective.


ClearLife is committed to the highest standards.  If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your product, please contact us at and we will do our best to help remedy the situation.  Please note that the customer is responsible for shipping costs on any returns or exchanges 

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