Indigo Journal

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This handmade paper journal with Indigo dot fabric cover and string tie can be used for drawing, writing or collecting images.

Material: Handmade 200 GSM Paper with Indigo Dot Fabric Cover

Dimensions: 20 cm x 20 cm

Note: handmade in India



The resist-printed textiles used in Handwork Studio’s collections are produced in collaboration with artisans working in Ajrak dyeing in Sindh, Pakistan. In this complex and ancient process, artisans work in complete harmony with their environment: the sun, river, animals, plant dyes, trees and mud are all part of the art of making Ajrak. Dyeing slowly with numerous layers creates fabrics that are nuanced and rich in surface and colour.  In this region of Sindh, there is also a close association between Ajrak-making and Sufi shrines and both practices are embedded within local tradition.

The handmade collection, thinks about fashion differently, not working with constant change, but instead slowly evolving, paying attention to quiet details. Textiles are coloured with natural dyes found in each region: indigo, madder and iron. Garment shapes are inspired by traditional forms from across South Asia as well as by vintage European work clothing, and we often make use of zero-waste pattern cutting and local craft processes for detailing. These elements are refined and updated to create a wearable, contemporary aesthetic. Our designs consider form, detail and finishing to allow for flexible layering on different body shapes and sizes. The clothes are made carefully to last and to be a personal pleasure and luxury – they are respectful of both consumers and makers.

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your Handwork Studio item, please email to start the return process.


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