Cottage Cloth

Cottage Cloth

Cottage Cloth is a line of Canadian made, eco-friendly, canvas products for your home or cottage. Each piece is hand-printed using 100% organic cotton canvas. Cottage Cloth is made from a love for colour, design, and textiles. Every piece is one of a kind and is crafted to evoke a sense of joy, calm, and simple delight.

Double Happiness Skincare

Double Happiness

Created by two women from Canada, Double Happiness is a natural skincare line that is healthy for your skin and respectful of the earth we live on. Created from a love of organic ingredients, the sustainably harvested products work to help heal, balance and strengthen your skin.

Double Happiness is more than a product line, it’s a philosophy that living in synergy with nature makes for a happy mind and a happy planet. It’s about using our knowledge in a mindful way to blend natural ingredients that create beautiful skin. It’s about fostering an authentic relationship between spirit and body so you can live the healthy lifestyle you deserve.

Hamilton Holmes

Hamilton Holmes

Hamilton Holmes is a small design studio, with a commitment to creativity and quality. The furniture is designed and built with techniques and handwork that will outlast factory made products. The furniture is a combination of contemporary lines and high quality joinery. Each piece contains character to stand out from mass produced pieces and is built to last longer. Furniture making is about care and devotion, and the Hamilton Holmes brand is dedicated to building a company that follows these values.

Happy Deer Kids

Happy Deer Designs

A husband and wife team with a passion for art and design set out to create furniture for their child’s nursery and ended up with a business. With an aim to create items that are sustainably produced and long lasting they use top quality materials. With a desire to be fun yet classy, Happy Deer Designs was born. Sustainably made in Victoria, BC.

Island Joy

Island Joy

Island Joy is a body care line that harnesses the essence of the Caribbean in a collection of luxury sugar scrubs. Each batch uses natural ingredients and is handcrafted with the spirit of the Caribbean. Island Joy is founded by a mother-daughter duo, Joyce and Erika, who believe that skincare is ritualistic and key to healthy skin.

Island Joy creates a sensory experience inspired by Joyce and Erika’s family gardens and life by the beach. Island Joy is formulated to gently exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin, leaving it smooth, soft, and embraced in the aromas of the islands.

Based on the principle of being kind to your skin, Island Joy uses responsibly sourced ingredients and does not contain any fillers, toxic chemicals, petrochemicals, phthalates, or dyes. Mindfully made in Canada, products are formulated with cruelty-free and environmentally friendly methods.



Sourced from organic farms in the Philippines, Kapuluan Raw Organic Coconut Oil is the finest quality of coconut oil available. Kapuluan products are cruelty-free and lead to zero waste. For each item sold, Kapuluan plants one coconut palm tree in The Philippines. This assists farmers with crop production as well as helps fight global warming. Most coconut farmers live in extreme poverty with no hope of a better life. Kapuluan’s mission is to improve coconut farming communities by working in partnership to achieve a higher value for their crop, and in turn improve their livelihood.

The Kapuluan Community contributes directly to the balance, health, and sustainability of people, animals, and our planet.

One for One:

Kapuluan’s One-For-One tree planting initiative sees a coconut palm planted in The Philippines each time their coconut oil is purchased.

Planting new coconut palms helps Filipino Coconut farmers rebound from the destruction of typhoon Haiyan. Planting new coconut palm trees is also an effective way to reduce carbon emissions. Coconut lands of approximately 3.2M hectares make The Philippines’ one of the countries that have high potential to combat global warming, specifically carbon emissions.

Louise Gray

Louise Gray

Louise Gray pays homage to the tradition of quilting by creating unique and honest heirlooms. They seek to create pieces that will transcend the toils of time in design and spirit.

As the industry in the USA continues to develop and many skilled craftspeople are being displaced, Louise Gray combats this trend by manufacturing locally. With importance placed upon sustainable processes, each design is handcrafted by local artisans in Minneapolis, USA.

Louise Gray aspires to transform how we invest in and design a mindful home, always considering that life can always be a little cozier.

Panda Sunglasses

Panda Sunglasses

Panda Sunglasses are a sustainable product line with a modern aesthetic for a globally conscious market. Combining responsible sourcing and mindful manufacturing processes, the concept of “ethical fashion” remains the keystone of Panda’s philosophy.

Leigh and Kali, both outdoor aficionados with inferior eyesight, have brought a deep passion for travel and natural exploration to Panda Sunglasses. This has infused Panda’s culture with wanderlust paired with vigor for ecologically conscious consumerism.

Our vision is global, but we focus on helping local communities through our Gift of Vision and Gift of Education initiatives. Our mission is to connect lives of the farmers that harvest our sustainable Mosu Bamboo with the growing network of Panda affiliates scanning new horizons through our lenses.

peggy sue

The Peggy Sue Collection

The Peggy Sue Collection is a line of ethically and sustainably made fashion pieces. With the mandate that fashion can act as an instrument to improve the lives of the people and animals that is a by-product of, Peggy Sue set out to invent her sustainable fashion line. It is honest, mindfully made, and ecologically friendly.

The textiles begin as raw fibres derived from a North American Farm, spun in a North American Mill and is finally felted, knit, or woven woven by a North American Artisan. All Peggy Sue cottons are certified American Organic or upcycled denim. The wools are solely Canadian with all garments beng made locally in Toronto, Canada.

rok cork

Rok Cork

Rok Cork was born as a desire to create a fashionable line of bags and purses with a sustainable footprint. So naturally they chose cork, one of the most sustainable products in the world.

Cork leather does not contain plastic, polyurethane or other harsh chemicals, like most vegan leathers on the market do. Every design element in a Rok Cork bag is infused with a high level of craftsmanship, from the luxe hardware to the signature lining to the premium cork. This passion creates exceptional quality, softness and durability you can’t find in a mass produced brand.

Rok Cork recognizes that ethically-minded shoppers face a limited market. Rok Cork accessories are manufactured in family-run workshops, where workers enjoy excellent working conditions and receive above fair wages.

Rok Cork has a mission of enhancing the sustainability of cork fields in Portugal and aiding the economy there. This means providing continuous employment for the families who make the products and ensuring not to deplete natural resources. Our materials are ethically sourced and mindfully manufactured with our dedication to social responsibility always in mind.

The end result: A stylish and honest line for the conscientious consumer.

the ethical silk company

The Ethical Silk Company

The Ethical Silk Company was born of a desire to create luxury products that are cruelty-free and ethically made. Committed to always using ethical tailoring processes, The Ethical Silk Company products are made in Fairtrade tailoring unit Mehera Shaw, located in Jaipur, India. Mehera Shaw is based on a business philosophy that puts the people first. It follows Fairtrade standards in regards to both employee and environmental practices. Mehera Shaw also supports a women’s group through its Foundation development project where the same ethical and labour standards are followed.

The Ethical Silk Company has pledged to donate 10% profits to charity, with 5% going to the Jeevan Jyothi AIDS Centre in Theni and 5% to Focus Ireland, a charity that works to prevent people becoming, remaining, or returning to homelessness.

Customers can enjoy truly timeless pieces, with the knowledge they were made to the highest standards, both in quality and ethical senses. Selling direct to our customers allows us keep our prices competitive whilst gaining valuable insight into what our customers want and appreciate.


We use the finest quality certified natural and organic oils and scientific actives to create results-driven products that are 100% cruelty-free, vegan and sustainable. Our formulas undergo rigorous research and development to ensure they work well on all skin types, and are non-irritating, whilst still being a treat to use.

We strive to be transparent in our practices and take great care in ensuring our ingredients are ethically sourced from fair trade, organic farms and suppliers. We go one step further, and third-party test all our organic ingredients to ensure they are free of synthetic chemicals, fertilizer and pesticides, and that we are only using the best and safest ingredients.

Étymologie products are made by women, for women. 4% of the revenue of the sales of our Miracle Oil goes to Artistri Sud, whose mission is to “Empower Women in Developing Countries Through Entrepreneurship.”