Boys Will Be Boys

Comfort is Always in Style


This fall anything goes. Whether its sleek slouchy trousers that echo the track pant or pajama bottoms, pared with blazers, runners and overcoats, men’s fashion is breaking all the barriers of traditional boys’ club attire.

Whatever your shoe or boot choice, soles are thick, stacked and rubberized, with hiking and rubber boots set to be a seasonal essential (and worn with everything in your wardrobe, from tailored to tracksuit trousers).


Photo, Alkan Emin
Hair, Gilad Roitman, Marc Anthony Salon
Model, Matt Carson



sweater, J.Crew; shirt, wings + horns, at TNT; pants, J. Crew; hat, J.Crew; boots, Hunter

jacket, eleventy, at TNT; sweater, shirt, pants, hat, all J.Crew; shoes, Coach

jacket, Neil Barren at Holt Renfrew; sweater, Thom Browne at Holt Renfrew; pants, J.Crew; shoes, wings + horns, at TNT; bag, Coach

coat, eleventy, at TNT; tee shirt, Comme des Garçons, at TNT; cardigan, eleventy, at TNT; pants, Alexander McQueen at Holt Renfrew; boots, Hunter; bag, Coach; scarf, GAP